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Stentrode to channelize power of mind to move bionic limbs

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is on the verge of a medical breakthrough with its 'Stentrode' - a small, paper-clip-like brain implantation that is said to bring back mobility to paralyzed patients. This cure will eliminate the need of an open brain surgery, and the first clinical trials on human are slated to begin in 2017 in Melbourne.

Feb 10, 2016 08:16 AM EST

Advisory Services of Barclays, Credit Suisse and Evercore Fail To Protect Apollo Education From Acquisition

Barclays, Credit Suisse and Evercore have acted as financial advisers to Apollo Education. Despite their advisory efforts, the institution has incurred a loss of $60.8 million during the last concluded fiscal quarter. Finally, Apollo Education has been compelled to go through acquisition for $1.1 billion.

Feb 09, 2016 09:37 AM EST

Ebola Vaccine Will Now Be Available As Gavi Signed $5 Million Deal To Prevent Future Outbreaks, Commits Merck To Keep 300,000 Vaccines Ready

Gavi, a world vaccine alliance, has made a $5 million deal with Merck regarding vaccine supply for future outbreaks. Merck has to provide 300,000 vaccines as a preparation to protect people from the next Ebola crisis.

Jan 25, 2016 08:38 AM EST

Freshii to Help Consumers Through 'These Dark Hours' as Chipotle Closes Stores Nationwide for Employee Meeting

Chipotle will close their stores across the country on February 8 for a few hours so that corporate officials can discuss the new steps the company is taking about food safety. The chain has been hit by frequent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses in the past year, with the cause not yet announced.

Jan 21, 2016 07:53 PM EST

Jobs That Are Most Stress Free And The Brighest

Stress at work sometimes cannot be avoided. However, certain jobs have lower stress levels, including Information Security Analyst, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, University Professor, and Hair Stylist.

Jan 18, 2016 09:27 PM EST

5 US airlines hike base fares

The US-based five airlines - Delta, Southwest, American, United and Virgin America have raised base fare on domestic travel. The hike is effective for corporate, leisure and discounted fares. Airlines are bullish on margins as business travel is expected to be stable even leisure travel takes a dip. The five airlines control 80 percent of the US domestic travel. Airlines are set to post surge in operational profits owing to lower fuel costs.

Jan 08, 2016 04:56 AM EST

Marijuana Legalization Made Mexican Small Pot Farmer Lose Profit

Loosening marijuana law in United States made small farmers in Mexico lose their profit, as more states lifted restriction on marijuana. However, Mexican drug cartel may not be affected much with the legalization.

Jan 06, 2016 07:23 AM EST

Burger King’s 5 for $4 deal to beat competition

The 2016 began on a competitive note for fast food chains. Burger King, McDonald's and Pizza Hut have rolled out new value menus. Burger King has launched 5 for $4 deal to attract more number of consumers. McDonald's unveiled McPick 2 for $2, while Pizza Hut has also rolled out $5 Flavor Menu.

Jan 06, 2016 03:13 AM EST

2016 may generate 3.5mn jobs in India

The year 2016 may witness encouraging employment generation, but moderate salary rise. The inflation rise will erode the salary rise benefits. India and the UAE may record robust job growth rate. IT, app economy, retail and BFSI sectors to lead emplyment generation of about 3.5 million in India. Dubai Expo-2020 may play a key role in jobs growth rate in the UAE.

Jan 05, 2016 04:07 AM EST

Now, Chinese couples can have two kids legally

Ending the one-child regime, the Chinese government has decided to allow married couples to have two children. The new law is effective from 1 January 2016 and China will have three million extra babies every year for next five years owing to new law. It'll take the labor force up by 30 million by 2050.

Jan 01, 2016 08:39 PM EST

SeaWorld sues California over ban on killer whale breeding

SeaWorld sues the California Coastal Commission over the ruling that bans the company from breeding killer whales. The lawsuit says that the Commission's ruling is illegal as the whales are not part of the California marine environment.

Dec 30, 2015 08:26 PM EST

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