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Marijuana Legalization Made Mexican Small Pot Farmer Lose Profit

Loosening marijuana law in United States made small farmers in Mexico lose their profit, as more states lifted restriction on marijuana. However, Mexican drug cartel may not be affected much with the legalization.

Jan 06, 2016 07:23 AM EST

Burger King’s 5 for $4 deal to beat competition

The 2016 began on a competitive note for fast food chains. Burger King, McDonald's and Pizza Hut have rolled out new value menus. Burger King has launched 5 for $4 deal to attract more number of consumers. McDonald's unveiled McPick 2 for $2, while Pizza Hut has also rolled out $5 Flavor Menu.

Jan 06, 2016 03:13 AM EST

2016 may generate 3.5mn jobs in India

The year 2016 may witness encouraging employment generation, but moderate salary rise. The inflation rise will erode the salary rise benefits. India and the UAE may record robust job growth rate. IT, app economy, retail and BFSI sectors to lead emplyment generation of about 3.5 million in India. Dubai Expo-2020 may play a key role in jobs growth rate in the UAE.

Jan 05, 2016 04:07 AM EST

Now, Chinese couples can have two kids legally

Ending the one-child regime, the Chinese government has decided to allow married couples to have two children. The new law is effective from 1 January 2016 and China will have three million extra babies every year for next five years owing to new law. It'll take the labor force up by 30 million by 2050.

Jan 01, 2016 08:39 PM EST

SeaWorld sues California over ban on killer whale breeding

SeaWorld sues the California Coastal Commission over the ruling that bans the company from breeding killer whales. The lawsuit says that the Commission's ruling is illegal as the whales are not part of the California marine environment.

Dec 30, 2015 08:26 PM EST

WHO declares Guinea free of Ebola transmissions

WHO has declared that Guinea was free of Ebola transmission, after two years of Ebola outbreak in the country. The disease killed more than 11,000 people across 10 countries including Guinea.

Dec 30, 2015 03:05 AM EST

Starbucks upbeat on record gift card sales on Christmas Eve

American coffee chain Starbucks is bullish on gift card sales this Christmas Eve. It sold 2.5 million gift cards last year. Starbucks has associated with Swarovski for selling $200 gift cards including $50 worth coffee that have been encrusted with crystals.

Dec 26, 2015 08:08 PM EST

Ways to produce money in college with no job

It is tough for a college student to manage studies and regular job at the same time. However, some ways like selling unwanted stuff and doing online writing can make you earn money fast. There are multiple other ways through which a college student can earn money with no job.

Dec 27, 2015 04:06 AM EST

Michigan declares state of emergency due to contaminated water system

A state of emergency has been declared in the City of Flint in Michigan after a new study found that the elevated blood lead levels in local children are related to the city's drinking water system. Drinking water in some areas of the city is still unsafe even now.

Dec 23, 2015 09:40 AM EST

United Airlines' dog therapy to ease travel stress

In addition to cookies, good coffee and other refreshments, United Airlines is offering an innovative service to its passengers to deal with stress. The airline is keeping trained dogs at seven major airports for its passengers to spend waiting time. Research shows that dogs help people getting out of the stress.

Dec 22, 2015 09:53 AM EST

Mercury Content in Callifornia Fog is Increasing

Scientiest found significant amount of mercury in the fog surrounding California Coast. The amount is harmless to human but a bad news to food chain.

Dec 21, 2015 08:37 PM EST

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