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Greece Recalls Its Ambassador in Austria Over Migrant Dispute

Greece recalled its ambassador from Austria, following Austria's decision to close its border for migrant. While majority of people are not satisfied with government's way in handling economic crisis.

Feb 29, 2016 09:35 AM EST

ChemChina Seeks $35 Loans to Complete Acquisition Transaction with Syngenta

Earlier this month, Chinese state-owned company ChemChina reached an acquisition deal of $43 billion with Swiss company Syngenta. After clearing regulation requirements in China, ChemChina is now seeking out loans of more than $35 billion from bankers to fund the purchase.

Feb 29, 2016 09:34 AM EST

Japan Finance Ministry Recruits Fashion Editor to Encourage Women to be More Involved in The Country's Economy

The Japan Finance Ministry is organizing a seminar for women covering the topics on the country’s fiscal policy. Women’s fashion magazine editor-in-chief Hiromi Sogo will serve as one of the six female speakers encouraging women to take a more active role in the country’s economy.

Feb 29, 2016 09:32 AM EST

SpaceX Aborted Its Third Attempt to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket Due to Technical Difficulties After a Delay

SpaceX aborts its third attempt to launch its Falcon 9 rocket, which is designed to land its booster on a platform, making spaceflight more affordable. The abrupt scrub, just seconds before the liftoff, was due to an unexpected delay that caused the fuel to fail.

Feb 29, 2016 09:30 AM EST

Lumber Liquidators Stock Dropped as Cancer Risk Arose

Following CDC announement of the risk of carcinogen in its product, the company's stock plunged since last week. Lumber Liquidators is trying hard to win back trust from customers and investors.

Feb 29, 2016 09:28 AM EST

US economy concludes 2015 on positive note

The US economy recorded better than expected performance during the fourth quarter enabling it to conclude 2015 on positive mode. Surpassing the forecast of 0.7 percent, the US economy grew one percent during September-October quarter in 2015 giving much leverage to the US government to tighten monetary policy.

Feb 29, 2016 09:27 AM EST

Future of Britain outside EU remains uncertain

Britain's exit from the European Union will have a negative impact on the economy of the country, according to officials. The UK prime minister pledges to negotiate a better agreement for the nation in the union.

Feb 29, 2016 09:25 AM EST

Ren Zhiqiang: Latest Victim of China’s Tougher Cyber Laws: Mulls For Further Toughening

China has been widely criticized for strict cyber laws. On Sunday, the communist government has mulled its legislative power to impose ban on accounts of former Chinese tycoon, Ren Zhiqiang. While around 40 Chinese journalists have been confined in jail as victims of tougher cyber laws, the communist government is going to enact further tougher laws on March 10.

Feb 29, 2016 09:24 AM EST

Mobile phone firm Telstra supports external funds to invest in Asia

Telstra is backing up external venture capital funds to seek investments in Asia. The company is focusing more on technology investment in Asia as it experiences a drop in the viability of internet services and phone calls.

Feb 29, 2016 09:22 AM EST

Fintech Startup Will Change Global Finance as Regulators Closely Watch

Year 2015 was dubbed as year of fintech. As financial technology startup companies flourish and gain huge fund. Global regulators are closely monitoring the fintech startups and will propose rules to regulate them.

Feb 29, 2016 09:21 AM EST

Indian tech start-ups seek investment from China

The technology start-ups in India are looking for investments from Chinese companies like Cheetah Mobile. The booming Indian technology sector is attracting many tech companies in China to invest in these Indian techs start-up firms.

Feb 29, 2016 09:19 AM EST

General Electric Mocked Startups, Proclaimed Itself as Tech Company

GE have been trying attract tech workers since last year. In its new Oscars ad, GE mock the startups and proclaim itself as a tech company and an industrial company.

Feb 29, 2016 09:18 AM EST

Gap Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings, Forecasts Decline in Profit During Current Year

Gap Inc. has announced its fourth quarter earnings on Thursday. The clothing retailer has represented a comparative feature with its year ago performances. It has also predicted for weaker earnings during the current year.

Feb 28, 2016 05:51 AM EST

Eskom to Receive Last Payment of 5 Billion Rand Bailout By Next Week

Next week, Eskom will be paid the remaining balance from the bailout. Eskom CE Brian Molefe expressed frustration to learn that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that the funds will be withheld. Treasury informed that the fund will be transferred and is already being processed.

Feb 28, 2016 05:49 AM EST

Kraft Heinz reports profit in Q4, beats Wall Street view

The Kraft Heinz Company on Thursday reported its fourth-quarter earnings that outstripped analysts' estimate. The company also declared a quarterly dividend of $0.575 per common share.

Feb 28, 2016 05:47 AM EST

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