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Hillary Clinton Gets Endorsement From Boston Globe, Praising Her For Her Concern On Gun Control And Immigration Issues

By Staff Writer

The largest newspaper in New England, The Boston Globe has given its endorsement to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential nomination.

The newspaper posted a headline "Hillary Clinton deserves Democratic nomination" on Sunday night through its website. It is said that Mrs. Clinton can continue what Obama has successfully achieved, and she can improve the fields he has failed, such as the immigration reform and gun control.

The New York Times has mentioned that the editorial is "often glowing, but at times combative." It states as many criticisms to Mrs. Clinton's chief rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as the praises addressed to her.  

Emphasizing on the gun control issue, Mrs. Clinton is praised for her aggressive record toward the issue, while severely notes Mr. Sanders as "not a convincing champion of gun control" in regards to his record for voting against the Brady background check bill. Furthermore, Mr. Sanders is also criticized for his plan to conduct a single-payer health care system.

The endorsement arrived only one day after another endorsement Mrs. Clinton obtained from The Des Moines Register, the largest newspaper in Iowa.      

The Boston Globe has stated, "The best reason to support Hillary Clinton isn't the weaknesses of her opponents; it's her demonstrated strengths and experience."  

The newspaper has cited the transformations, which Barack Obama has brought, before proceeding to praise Mrs. Clinton. It has mentioned, "The economy has come out of free fall, the military has left the quagmire of the Iraq war, barriers to equality have toppled, and universal access to health care has become a reality."  

Mrs. Clinton makes a promise that she will not give any chances for murderers like Dylann Roof to get guns. She will give more restraints on federally funded research into gun violence. She is said to be more convincing on what become most Americans' concern, which is related to a life and death issue.

Another emphasis, which Mr. Obama is regarded not to give much attention, is in the Immigration reform. Illegal immigrants work without sufficient legalization and citizenship. It is intolerable that 11 million Americans "are working in the shadows." 

The circulation of the Boston Globe is around the many voters in New Hampshire, according to theInternational Business Times. The endorsement timing is an essential asset as it is two weeks before the first in the nation primary.

Besides the Boston Globe and The Des Moines Register, Mrs. Clinton has earlier gained another crucial endorsement from the New Hampshire Concord Monitor, mentioning her foreign policy hack among the other experience.       

This has pushed more efforts from Mr. Sanders' side, who has to prove his competence in handling terrorism and national security to his supporters.

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