Samsung Gear S2 Watch Would Eventually Work With iPhones

Samsung Electronics on 5th January 2016 confirmed at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show through their Vice President Alanna Cotton that their Gear S2 smartwatch would be compatible with devices running on Apple's iOS software later this year. This would mean greater options for both Samsung's Gear S2 users and Apple's iPad and iPhone users.

According to Cnet, if you are an iPhone user you can add Samsung GearS2 as an option when choosing a smartwatch that you can own that will work with your iPhone. 

The surprising news, which the company confirmed at its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, elicited oohs and ahhs from the packed crowd. 

Samsung stated that their GearS2 watch would work with iPhones and iPads which run on Apple's iOS software and that it is expected to occur later this year but did not offer exactly when. And that would mean you would be able to own and use a GearS2 while using and owning an iPhone, iPad and other devices that use iOS.

Everyone is not in love with the Apple Watch's boxy design and might prefer the more traditional round shape of the Gear S2.

In terms of other effects and consequences of having the GearS2 compatible with iOS, Phone Arena has noted a likelihood of the loss of certain features but did not elaborate exactly which of those features and why they will be lost.

The announcement by Samsung's Alanna Cotton about Gear S2 becoming compatible with Apple's iOS is not anything new. In September 2015, ZDnet reported they had questioned whether Samsung's Tizen-powered GearS2 watch would work with an iPhone and it was reported that spokesperson for Samsung gave a " Yes" and stated, " We are looking at possibilities to open it up to iOS because we opened it up Android, we are looking at this"

For years, Samsung has publicly and in court been accused of copying Apple's smartphone and tablet designs and they asked the question, " Is Samsung trying to woo iPhone owners but if it does it would be spitting in the wind since Samsung advertisements have been mocking iPhone owners in the past. Hence, iPhone users should have a long memory.

But if there are those iPhone users who want to own a GearS2 they have to just wait for an update from Samsung. While those who already have a Gear S2 and a Samsung smartphone, may want to try owning an iPad if not an iPhone after the update.

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