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Battle of Smartphone Watches : Apple's Mickey Mouse vs Samsung's Snoopy

By Staff Writer

Apple launched its first smartwatch in April 2015 now known as the Apple Watch to much hype and hoopla. Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch was unveiled in fall of 2015 after many duds before that. It garnered huge press delight. Thus began the battle between the two tech giants in the realm of wearables.

Samsung on 5th Jan 2015 unveiled two new colors for its GearS2 namely, rose gold and platinum.

According to Wall Street Journal, Samsung's latest smartwatch Gear S2 would be compatible with rival Apple's operating system later this year making it in direct competition with Apple Watch. Gear S2, for now, works with android smartphones only.

Samsung's Vice President Alanna Cotton of Samsung stated via video on Samsung News that Gear S2 compatibility with Apple's iOS will happen later this year meaning anyone wearing Gear S2 will be able to connect with an iPhone to make calls, send a text or receive notifications. And that also means iPhone owners can opt for a Samsung Gear S2 instead of being stuck with the Apple Watch.

According to The Verge Samsung's Gear S2's new models of 18-karat rose gold and platinum are similar to the Apple Watch in that it's made of gold and it's not just gold colored. TheVerge, however, noted that  Samsung's model is made of gold plating as opposed to Apple Watch which is made of solid gold.

Samsung News stated it is introducing a few classic Peanut characters for its Gear S2 watch faces. TheVerge has viewed that as Samsung's answer to Mickey Mouse watch face that adorn the Apple Watch.

The Verge added Samsung didn't list all of the characters that'll be included but that from the slide shown it previewed a watch face with Snoopy and Woodstock. The Verge viewed that it was not animated like Apple's Mickey face but the Snoopy face looks close enough to a panel from the comics that it should make for a fun and advertising friendly option on the Gear S2.

Samsung News stated the new Gear S2 classic will include NFC technology to offer Samsung Pay, which will be available to Gear S2 users early this year starting in the US. Samsung states for a more personal and customizable experience Samsung is expanding its line of watch straps and watch faces as mentioned earlier.

The company has partnered with exclusive designers such as Colombo and has introduced fun characters like Peanuts' characters -as mentioned earlier- and artworks from Keith Haring, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Jeremyville and Burton Morris.

We can conclude that Samsung is ready to do battle with Apple a notch further. Samsung wants to race ahead of Apple. Samsung wants to be in a league of its own in the smartwatch market.

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