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Huawei Unveils New Android Smartwatch With Swarovski Crystal

By Staff Writer

Huawei comes all prepared and ready for CES. The Chinese electronic giant presents the Android smartwatch designed specially for women. Its luxury watch is also embellished with crystal.

Huawei is known to design smartwatch that according to Engadget as arguably the classiest-looking bit of Android Wear wristcandy out there. Its new watch models was called Elegant and Jewel and is said to be designed specifically for women. The price tag for Jewel is at $599, while Elegant is at $499.

The difference between both watches is as Edgadget said as "cosmetic." Since both version uses small wristbands and 10 watchfaces to enhance its feminine exclusive look. Both Jewel and Elegant has a knurled pattern, etched into the rose-gold-plated steel body, and Jewel has 68 Swarovski crystal running around its 1.4-inch display.

The two new Huawei Android watches are still certainly opulent, sporting statement-making rose gold and white leather. Although, compared to original Huawei Watch, The Verge mentioned them to have softer curves. The Elegant and Jewel are slightly bigger at 44mm where the original was 42mm with the same 400x400 display and a full complement of sensors for tracking activity and the weather.

Huawei was first known as a manfacturer for phone switches, which then expanding to networking and telecommunication equipment, targeting on enterprise and corporate market. The company was established in 1987 to help modernizing China's telecommunication infrastructure. Huawei was focused on its own local research and development to produce telephone switches through reverse engineering.

Nowadays, the company has its expanded its research and development in 21 institutes across Asia, Europe and South America. It also diversifies its business into three core segments: telecommunication network, enterprise business and devices. Huawei started to develop smartphone and Android related product since 2013.

Recently Google selected Huawei as the manufacturer of Google Nexus 6P, the Google flagship product in September 2015. Afterward, Huawei device is now being recognized as a high-end product.

CNN Money reported that for CES 2016 Huawei also presented two smartphones, and a tablet, all of which are markedly different from its past offerings. Along with the smartwatches, its new smartphones, Mate 8 shows the company's strategy to build eye-catching products that satisfy specific user needs at a premium price. Including cooperating with luxurious Swarovski crystal to decorate its smartwatches.

Swarovski is a well-known name for a luxury crystal and glass. The company has a reputation to decorate expensive items and its most famous crystal was the 9 feet (2.7 meters) star that placed on top of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the tallest Christmas tree which has beeen placed every year in Manhattan, New York since 1933.

Huawei has made a right choice selecting Swarovski as its partner to decorate its luxury smartwatch for women. The luxurious brand image of Swarovski will give its tech product an elegant touch.

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