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Samsung Presents Smart Fridge That Can Order Groceries

By Staff Writer

Samsung, the Korean electronic giant introduces a refrigerator that is enable to order groceries in cooperation with MasterCard app and its grocery partners. The smart fridge, Samsung Family Hub is to be officially presented at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 this week in Las Vegas.

Samsung smart fridge is working with MasterCard application called Groceries, a grocery delivery service. MasterCard is launching its service in tri-state New York City market with grocery partners FreshDirect and ShopRite. The service is also enable additional grocers to transact through the fridge, because the application is integrated with e-commerce software provider for grocery, MyWebGrocer.

Betty DeVita, MasterCard's Chief Commercial Officer told USA Today about partnership between MasterCard and Samsung, "It really brings to life this notion of contextual shopping." She also explained the plan, "We're really trying to go beyond the payment and extend out to other devices where consumers are in a commerce context."

One dominant view of the fridge is the large 21.5 touchscreen on its door, running Tizen, a Samsung Linux platform OS. The screen is able to mirror whatever is played on Samsung Smart TV and plays YouTube videos for entertainment. It can also display photos, calendars, weather and notes from family members as well.

The fridge is also equipped with three inside cameras that take picture every time its door closes. The inside cameras enable us to check milk from companion app that is available for Android and iOS. A built-in speaker is also available for playing music with already installed Pandora app, and bluetooth to connect music player with other speakers in the house.

Samsung shows a new and better usage of Tizen OS, which according to The Verge is easy to mock for being secondary to Android. However, the company has also been finding ways to make Tizen much better than everyone expected on its Gear S2 smartwatch and Smart TVs, as well.

The company has not announced its official price of the fridge, yet. But the smart fridge is expected to be available for sale in the U.S. in May. Samsung said the press release as quoted by NBC News, "From more efficiently managing your groceries, to identifying foods you have or need, to tracking product expiration dates to cut down on waste, the Family Hub is your go-to resource to keep your kitchen fully stocked,"

Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator will be officially introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2016 starting this Wednesday.  This smart refrigerator can actually remind you of what's been missing in the pantry and can order groceries for you.

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