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Entrepreneur Erdem Bozkurt on How Social Media Has Made Connecting With Customers Easier

Mar 11, 2021 03:36 PM EST

Entrepreneur Erdem Bozkurt on How Social Media Has Made Connecting With Customers Easier
(Photo : Entrepreneur Erdem Bozkurt on How Social Media Has Made Connecting With Customers Easier)

Erdem Bozkurt sells rosaries. He's been doing that since he was nine years old. This seasoned salesman has seen the world of sales and marketing enter into a new phase with the advent of the internet. This early adopter of social media and online business shares with us his insights on why and how social media is critical for online businesses. 

"The internet has democratized our world in unprecedented ways," says Erdem. Today, people can voice their opinion on any subject at the drop of a hat. This way of interacting with the world, according to Erdem, has given businesses the muscle to cut out the old channels of marketing that demanded huge marketing dollars. 

But, doesn't this free-run of opinions have a downside, we ask. "Of course, everything has two sides." says Erdem. "Social media has certainly made it easy to reach out to the audience and listen to their feedback. That does not mean that success is guaranteed," says Erdem. Giving the power to the people to voice the opinions they have of your business gives entrepreneurs the advantage of making changes to the offering on the go. "Social media helps me stay in touch with my customers in a much more personal way," says Erdem.

"From launching new products, to kick-starting seasonal campaigns, to announcing discounts, now everything can be done without the fuss that comes with traditional marketing methods," says Erdem. "It is easier to increase awareness of your business through social media. It is cost effective and we can map the TG much more precisely. There is no wastage since through social media we seldom bark up the wrong tree."

"Social media has also made physical business spaces redundant. Now it is possible to open a fully online store. You need zero physical presence. By having your store online, you can attract a much larger audience," says Erdem. "With rents sky-rocketing, online is the way to go for businesses. And a thought through, honest, interesting, and relevant social media presence is the life-line of online businesses."

"At the core of social media is content. A good 60% of my time goes into planning, creating, and broadcasting quality content," says Erdem. "With no content, an online business is wingless and crippled. It's like being in the public eye 24/7. There's a lot of pressure, but with a good content planning and marketing team, the job gets a bit easier."

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