This Democratic Metaverse is Launching a New Token

This Democratic Metaverse is Launching a New Token
This Democratic Metaverse is Launching a New Token (Akson via Unsplash)

As the metaverse takes over more of our digital lives, the commoditization of all aspects of our virtual beings becomes more and more of a reality. But what if there was a platform where you could own your virtual self, and participate in the governance of the metaverse itself?

That's the goal of Next Earth, a startup that is building a fully DAO-controlled, interoperable, totally democratized Metaverse. "10-15 years from now we'll be living in the Metaverse," says Gabor Retfalvi, Founder and CEO of Next Earth. "I'd rather live in a fully democratic world where I have true ownership and agency over what happens to me rather than a video game monetizing me to the bones, owned by a large corporation."

Next Earth is built on the premise that the surface of the Earth is a starting point for the project. They're using the real world as their foundation, and the first thing they're doing is giving virtual landowners true ownership of their land. Next Earth believes this is the key to building a self-sustaining Metaverse economy.

VR and user-created content will be essential in the democratized future, but Next Earth builds its foundations on creating a self-sustaining Metaverse economy first. The team is currently preparing its token pre-sale from January 22nd, 2022, on a DEX, and the launch on January 27th, 2022, which will take place on the newly introduced Next Earth Launchpad. 

Anyone wishing to partake in the Next Earth token sale needs only to own land totaling $100 or more. Once the sale concludes, landowners will be able to stake NXTT in order to receive valuable rewards and gain access to special bonuses. 

The NXTT team is excited to announce their plans for the future, with the release of their NEIPs (Next Earth Improvement Proposals) series. As the name suggests, these proposals will serve as a roadmap for the platform's future developments, and will help shape how people use NXTT and its capabilities.

Next Earth, a newcomer to the virtual land market, is seeing success early on. The company has already registered 30,000 landowners on its platform, with 180,000 registered users in total. The NFT marketplace has seen 2,418 transactions, worth $717,843. With user profit totaling $650,000, and 10% of all transactions going to charity, Next Earth is on its way to generating much more income for its environmental initiatives.

It's been a bumper few months for virtual real estate sales on the platform, with prices for some of the world's most famous tourist destinations going stratospheric. 

Perhaps one of the most notable sales on the platform was that of New York MET for $100 which was then resold for $32,000. Other major sales include Pyramids, the colosseum, many stadiums, and similar points of interest.

Ultimately, what Next Earth is building is not just a virtual world. They aim to create a new way of living: A democratic Metaverse where users have true ownership over their lives and their world.

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