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Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Status as an International Financial Center at Crossroads

Hong Kong lost its status as a global financial hub amidst shifting rankings and regulatory hurdles. Read the implications of China's tightening grip and cross-border capital flow uncertainties.

May 15, 2024 11:59 PM EDT

To The Trenches

Is China's Central Bank Gold-Buying Spree a Precursor for War? Part II of II

The idea of a nation acquiring large gold reserves in preparation for military endeavors is not without historical precedent. Prior to World War I, European powers increased their gold reserves, and a century later, Russia's central bank doubled its gold holdings in the years before its invasion of Ukraine. This same strategic stockpiling of gold could be inferred from China and its pre-war positioning for a Taiwan incursion.

May 06, 2024 04:17 PM EDT


Is China's Central Bank Gold-Buying Spree A Precursor for War? Part I of II

Since 2009, China has more than doubled its gold reserves. In wartime, particularly in wars perpetrated in violation of international law, the resulting international sanctions can force an invader state to rely on its gold reserves. Thus if a country is preparing to go to war and incur sanctions, it will ensure it has an ample reserve of gold.

May 02, 2024 03:08 PM EDT


Costco's Gold Bars Part II: From Africa to the Alps to You

So where exactly does that shiny new "999.9 fine gold minted" bar from Costco come from? Under that "Essayeur Fondeur" Swiss authenticity stamp lies a long, bloody trail of death and tears.

Apr 26, 2024 01:26 PM EDT

A Modern Neo-Feudal State, The Tech Lords Ushering in a Return to the Medieval

If ever such tech lords decide that their will should supplant that of the majority's, or that through their influence they might alter the course of history by sustaining one country's war of aggression on another or by manipulating the political landscape, democracy will be the casualty - in America and throughout the world.

Mar 26, 2024 03:28 PM EDT

The Federal Reserve's 'Death Star'. The Battle Over America's Wallets.

The CBDC debate continues. Concerns over the exploration of the creation of a central bank digital currency in the United States, commonly referred to as a CBDC, has some lawmakers up in arms regarding its potential for increased government surveillance and control.

Mar 12, 2024 05:24 PM EDT

Tech Boom in the Philippines? US Investments Could Signal Lucrative Opportunities

The United States Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stated during an official visit to Manila on Monday that American businesses are expected to announce investments totaling more than $1 billion in the Philippines.

Mar 12, 2024 05:08 AM EDT

Shocking Numbers: Here's What You Really Need to Earn in Major US Cities

A recent analysis found that living comfortably in any of the country's major cities would cost a lot of money.

Mar 08, 2024 07:21 AM EST

“Buy at the sound of cannons and sell at the sound of trumpets.”

The old Wall Street adage says to buy when stocks plummet at the outbreak of war and sell when stocks rise as hostilities end. Buying low and selling high has long been a fundamental financial strategy particularly as it relates to gauging wartime market sentiments. And where some might hear the drums of war beating and jackboots ringing on cobblestones, others hear only the sound of cold, hard coin clanging into their coffers.

Feb 29, 2024 01:49 PM EST

Source: Twitter/@beeple

Why Elon Musk Now Fires Employees Every Day

Elon Musk is a ruthless savage when firing his employees. Last year Elon wielded his power as the new owner of Twitter axing 6000 employees including HR workers, marketers, and even a handful of high-ranking executives.

Jan 23, 2024 08:00 AM EST

Davos Experts See Subdued World Economy in 2024, Regional Divergence Expected

Davos Experts See Subdued World Economy in 2024, Regional Divergence Expected

According to a survey of leading economists issued on Monday, the global economy faces a year of muted growth expectations and uncertainty owing to geopolitical unrest, tight financing conditions, and the disruptive influence of artificial intelligence.

Jan 15, 2024 09:28 AM EST

Artificial Intelligence

How to Profit From the Coming AI Boom

As more companies stake their fortunes on AI, a new era of unprecedented wealth and opportunity is on the horizon.

Dec 23, 2023 06:30 AM EST

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