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How Sartoris Digital and Founder Nick Collins are Proving the Digital Marketing Industry is for Everyone

By David Thompson

Nick Collins
Nick Collins (Nick Collins)

When Nick Collins was just 14 years old, he started his first business, which included around-the-clock phone calls and numerous questions from his parents. In fact, he began building his stout portfolio in the seventh grade by doing web design, incorporating creative content with brand strategies and plugging in a then-fledgling tech Flash.

"When I started my business, I used the only phone number available to me as a 14 year old. People were calling our home phone and asking for me, while my parents didn't know what they were talking about," said Collins. "I was actually using Flash before it was even called, 'Flash'. My uncle met someone at a computer convention that was handing out discs with a beta of their new digital animation software, named 'FutureSplash Animator', at the time."

His grandfather built an impressive career in commercial printing and Collins helped him make strides in the technological space and modernizing his company as well. He helped him pivot from an analog company to a digital one, showing him QuarkXPress as well as how to work a Mac and, as a result, Collins garnered valuable skills and experience in yet another industry.

"My grandfather was 'old school', helping me learn an appreciation for the craftsmanship of analog media and how that could be applied to the digital world," he said. "I was really into 3D animation in the mid-90s, following the release of Toy Story, but was also learning HTML, seeing a lot of promise in a new thing called, the 'World Wide Web'."

Fast forward to today and Collins has done it all. He has previously served clients in transportation, aviation, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, sporting goods and more. Collins is proficient across many areas of digital technology and marketing, ranging from e-Learning, to human-computer interaction and software design, to social media marketing. In fact, he is often hailed as a 'designgeneer', because of his stellar engineering and design capabilities.

Sartoris Digital

Sartoris Digital has built numerous campaigns with high-profile clients at both Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Clients are set up with tailored approaches to help them achieve their goals. Because after all, that is what Sartoris means in Latin, 'tailor'. 

With goals of providing clients with all their digital needs and covering all their bases across the digital marketing landscapes, Sartoris Digital offers them services in software and app development, SEO, digital marketing, web design, and front-and-backend offerings as well.

"Early on, you buy suits off the rack that never quite fit right," Collins said. "When I founded Sartoris Digital, I wanted to create custom solutions for any business, and we stitch together success by patiently taking the measure of our clients, actively listening to what they need, stripping away what they don't, and pulling it all together with decades of experience."

Regardless of the size of one's business, Sartoris Digital can help any company build their respective brands, and find success in their niche.

"There is space for everyone in digital marketing and web design and that is the beauty of it," he stated. "Anyone can have their niche, and I want to help guide people from an analog world, taking them into a digital space, where they haven't been before - a true transformation."

About Sartoris Digital

Sartoris Digital is a digital media agency that specializes in paid ads, social media, custom website and software development, and SEO for major corporations and small businesses. The company has worked with Fortune 500 and 100 companies. For more information, please visit Sartoris Digital

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