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Jeff Bezos tweets a snarky congrats to Elon Musk

On Monday night, Elon Musk and his company SpaceX made history by vertically landing the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket after blasting off into orbital space ­­- equivalent of launching a pencil over the Empire State Building and landing it in a shoebox back on the ground, in the words of one expert. It was an enormous victory, a moment of history and elation for Musk and his SpaceX engineers, Jeff Bezos, currently the chief of rival rocket-builder Blue Origin, reminded the world Blue Origin was already a member of the vertical-landing club

Dec 23, 2015 09:44 AM EST

Spotify Wins Over Apple in Music Streaming Market

Spotify has solidified its spot as the winner of digital music battle over Apple music.

Dec 22, 2015 11:25 PM EST

Google's new feature allows users to login without password

Google is testing a new feature that will allow the users to sign into their Google accounts without having to type password. The users will only have to authenticate the login with their smartphones.

Dec 22, 2015 10:35 PM EST

Twitter files patent for drone controllled by tweets

Twitter was granted a patent for a tweet-controlled drone officially marking its participation in the drone race. According to the patented description, the drone can be used to take photos and videos that can be shared on user accounts.

Dec 22, 2015 10:06 PM EST

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Brings New, Helpful Features to the Android OS

Google's new updated OS, Marshmallow will allow its users plenty of new features and extended functionality.

Dec 24, 2015 04:03 AM EST

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Makes it to Space and Back for the First Time

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket was able to successfully launch, deploy its payload and land. This is the first successful landing for SpaceX.

Dec 23, 2015 09:59 PM EST

Cyberbullying Insurance is now available - to those who can afford it

Global insurance giant Chubb (CB) launched a new cyberbullying insurance that will cover as much as $74,600 for wealthy clients across the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.

Dec 22, 2015 09:34 PM EST

2015 Cybersecurity market to reach $75B, will continue to grow

The global cybersecurity market continues and is expected to reach $75 billion in 2015. It is anticipated to continue its growth for the next five years to $170 billion by 2020.

Dec 22, 2015 03:33 AM EST

The Beatles arrival on streaming service on Christmas eve will decline download rates

This Christmas eve will come up with The Beatles' catalogue on streaming services, a good news for the music fans. The band has been quite slow in adopting and adapting to the new technology as it took 6 years to arrive on iTunes music. The Beatles arriving on streaming services will tend to decrease download rates and draw the people more towards streaming.

Dec 26, 2015 07:50 PM EST

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries causes hoverboards to explode

Low quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the major reasons why hoverboards are exploding. Misuse is also another reason.

Dec 22, 2015 12:31 AM EST

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