Flipboard’s Integration in Facebook Messenger Makes Article Sharing Easy among Friends

For the first time, the integration of Flipboard into Facebook Messenger can make the article sharing process a lot more easy and convenient. When you wish to share an article among your friends, a detail preview link appears with the title of the article and the add-on image along with it. The article links open in the Flipboard when clicked by you.

Flipboard users actually like to share their preferred articles to Facebook Messenger. This initiative will surely make the Flipboard and FB Messenger users happy. Now, you can easily continue the conversation about the stories you read on Flipboard with Facebook Messenger friends.

The most recent Flipboard update throws light on the features of the two apps and their enhancement while working together. According to the Flipboard blog report, assuming you have Flipboard edition 3.3.10 or higher, now when you share a story from Flipboard to Messenger what your friend gets in Messenger gives more context and visual richness around what you share.

Once you share the articles in FB Messenger via Flipboard, your friends can get to see an 'Open' button. If they click on that button, they will be redirected to the article in Flipboard that you have shared.

The experience of mobile content reading cannot be better than this. However, if your friends do not use Flipboard yet, they will be asked to download the app to continue further. As per the Venture Beat report, this isn't the first time that Flipboard has done a tie-up with a messenger service: it previously has had a relationship with China-based WeChat to do exactly the same thing it's doing here.

The only difference with the earlier tie up and the present one is that this time Flipboard has decided to offer deeper integration to control the social networking company's messenger SDK. In WeChat, users can only observe the shared link of the article whereas, in Facebook Messenger, they get to see more content.

Earlier the Facebook apps were created by the Creative Labs which was a free space within the company. But the failure of the apps created by the Creative Labs made Facebook official reconsider the entire idea.

According to the Digital Journal report, Facebook has confirmed that the closure of the Creative Lab is for good. The resources spent on the stagnated projects were no longer worth maintaining.

The mantra of Facebook has always been cracking things at rapid speed. So, the collaboration of Flipboard with the Facebook Messenger is expected to be a good source of healthy connection and communication among friends. 

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