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Google launched Cloud CDN to compete Akamai

By Staff Writer

Google has launched a new web service Google Cloud CDN. It has led it on a competitive ground with other major CDN providers.

According to Tech Investor News, a new content-delivery network, Google Cloud CDN service, has been launched by Google. It aims to play a role by quick loading the application, owned by independent developers.

This service is, for now, geographically limited. However, Google is encouraging those people, who are willing to experiment the new service and accepting their applications. With the advance of the availability of the service, Google will continue to add up more locations.

"Google Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) uses Google's globally distributed edge caches to cache HTTP(S) Load Balanced content close to your users," the product description states. "Caching content at the edges of Google's network provides faster delivery of content to your users while reducing the load on your servers."

Through this service, Google Cloud Platform has stepped into competing for ground with other major cloud owners. One of the leading contenders is CloudFront CDN providing Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, which offers CDN too, as mentioned by Venture Beat.

Different essential features are being added up by Google to upgrade the cloud. Among multiple features, a tool for storing and editing application code is also available. Besides that, Google is also considering the rising competition on the raw cloud computing and storage infrastructure market price.

Google Compute Engine makes use of the individual virtual machines. To provide convenience to the people, Google has enabled them the users to later the resource sizes of the machines. Dealing with multiple CDN providers including Highwinds, CloudFlare, Fastly and Level 3 has already been done with Google.

Google has also done a partnership with Akamai, which has been continually challenging by a big web service provider, AWS CloudFront. However, the partnership with Akamai has made Google its competitor too.

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of a content delivery network or CDN and cloud services, as reported by Wikipedia. Headquarters of the company are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in the United States.

It has been controlling between 15 and 30 percent of all web traffic and is labeled as the world's largest distributed computing platforms. Their major customers include Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Apple, eBay and

Google's new CDN service is expected to make a big change in its web service and developer's will be able to strengthen their application loading process.

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