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'Flying Blades' Ceiling Fan Sold at Home Depot for $150 Gets Reported for Accidents

By Madz D.

More than 190,000 Hampton Bay 54-inch Mara Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans sold at a home depot recalled as the blades can detach from the fans while spinning.

CPSC reported incidents of blades flight off from fans

More than 190,000 Ceiling Fans Sold at Home Depot Recall as Blades Might Flight Off while Spinning
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More than 190,000 Ceiling Fans Sold at Home Depot Recall as Blades Might Flight Off while Spinning King of Fans Recalls Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fans Due to Injury Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Home Depot

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the Hampton Bay Mara Ceiling Fans' recall. The indoor and outdoor fans' blades can detach while in use, posing an injury risk to its consumers, Fox13 reported.

More than 190,000 ceiling fans should be replaced, as per the CPSC. On December 23, the ceiling fans were recalled by the CPSC in the home depot stores. In the U.S., almost 182,000 ceiling fans were sold, and additional 8,800 fans were sold in Canada.

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Consumers may contact King of Fans for the recall

Concerned consumers can contact King of Fans at 866-443-1291 from 9 AM to 5 PM ET, from Monday until Friday. You may also send an email to, online at or For more information, click on "Mara Recall."

The Hampton Bay 54-inch Mara Indoor and Outdoor ceiling fans recall it involved in the following finishes: black, matte black, matte white, and polished nickel. The recalled ceiling fans come with remote control and a white color-changing integrated LED light. There have been 47 reported incidents that the ceiling fans' blades detached from the fans, including two incidents of a fan blade hitting consumers.

According to the CPSC, there are four reports of the blade causing property damage. The ceiling fans were sold at Home Depot stores exclusively across the U.S. and online at from April through October 2020. The CPSC added that the ceiling fans were manufactured in China with a recall number of 21-059.


King of Fans provided a video guide

The flying blades could damage property and hazardous injury. The NY Times reported that more than 190,000 Mara Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fans were sold at the Home Depot and have been recalled after discovering that their blades could fly off while spinning, posing a risk of injuries and damage to property.

The two episodes out of 47 reports of blades detaching from the fans hit people, but it was unclear if they had been injured.

The CPSC advised consumers to immediately stop using the ceiling fans, adding that they should contact the fans' distributor, King of Fans, for a free replacement if they notice "blade movement or uneven gaps between the blades and ceiling fan's body."

Last week, King of Fans said in a statement that the issue was attributed to an "isolated manufacturing defect." the manufacturer added that the problem did not affect the overall of the Mara 54-inch Indoor'Outdoor ceiling fans.

King of Fans provided a link to a video guiding consumers on knowing if their product is defective. It said, "We take pride in the quality of our products, and the safety of our customers is our priority."

Meanwhile, the Home Depot Store has not yet responded to N.Y. Times' request for comment.

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