How Entrepreneurs Utilize the Advantages of Social Media

Several entrepreneurs started venturing into social media marketing, while some are still learning its vast significance. 

Financecentric says social media advances each day. Before, it was only known for socializing and making friends. However, as years go by, social media has become a powerful marketing tool that entrepreneurs can use to uplift their businesses to a higher level.

How Entrepreneurs Utilize the Advantages of Social Media
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General Views of eBay Headquarters LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 30: An online shopper uses the eBay website on May 30 in London, England. eBay remains at the forefront of online retail.The original disruptor of the e-commerce world, eBay has come of age "u0096 but it"u0092s still shaking up traditional retail with a global marketplace that welcomes big brands, empowers entrepreneurs and serves 23.5 million customers a month in the UK alone. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for eBay)

As per Hubspot, 92% of marketers testified in 2014 regarding social media marketing's positive impact. They all agreed that social media is essential for their business. Meanwhile, Statista says that 97% of the global shares by different companies embraced social media marketing. 

Many entrepreneurs have not failed to utilize social media's power to grow their business as it becomes more vulnerable each day. So if you are planning to elevate the strategy of your business, here are three techniques on how entrepreneurs could use social media on a healthier approach, according to Entrepreneur.

1. Become the master of your devices

Push-notifications empty the ability of an individual to get into the flow and give the best work. However, "You can be more intentional about the way you design your technology environment," Steve GlaveskiHarvard Business Review contributor, wrote. 

Meaning, the ability to control your mind begins with yourself. You could decide how you will educate yourself and restore your time. Glaveski noted that the more you notice and stop yourself from reaching your phone, the more it becomes second nature. 

So you can use these smartphones as a tool to empower yourself without missing a healthy advantage of social media platforms, instead of being a slave of push notifications. 

2. An antidote to our social dilemma? Periodically unplug

 In an interview with NBC Better, psychotherapist Arnie Kozak said that solitude is a crucial way to replenish an entrepreneur's energy. Without privacy, a person can be more stressed by the unending reason to be busy in life. "The massive amounts of information we wade through every day, and the energetic demands of being around other people."

Aytekin Tank, the contributor in Entrepreneur, shared that what he learned over a decade of entrepreneurship is that educating ourselves to spend more quality time alone with no gadgets is one of the most fundamental ways to maintain a healthy connection with technology.

Besides, Glaveski said that we could cultivate a work environment wherein we are more productive and more actualized and fulfilled versions of ourselves. And this would happen if we became more intentional about our relationship with the technology.

3. Eliminate an "always-on" company culture

Entrepreneurs should set the example of disrupting an unhealthy relationship to technology for their tea through building a balanced workplace. The change would start at the level of leadership, as per Aytekin. 

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