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Spotify Wins Over Apple in Music Streaming Market

By Staff Writer

The Swedish company is now leading the digital music streaming over Apple Music and other players like Rdio or Rhapsody.

According to Forbes, the Apple music service is to reach 20 million paid subscribers by the end of 2016, based on the report from Music Business Worldwide. This would keep it in second place behind Spotify. The numbers are impressive, even if the majority of Apple's potential subscriber base already had a billing relationship and a credit card on file with Cupertino-based company.

On the other hand, Spotify has already booked more than 20 million paid subscribers and 55 million free subscribers who used its ads-supported service. Both music services are claiming to have more than 30 million songs in the library. With that much amount of songs available, the music catalogue from both services are really comprehensive.

CNet brings an apple-to-apple comparison between Apple and Spotify in terms of music catalogue, radio service, music sharing and features. In terms of music catalogue, Apple and Spotify are evenly matched. Although Spotify have a slight advantage at the current time, Apple said it will catch up with exclusive tracks and music from artists who has not signed with Spotify yet.

In radio service, both music services have different way of servicing its users. Apple has its 24/7 radio station available globally, while Spotify offer on-demand radio station based on customers favorite artists, genre, playlists or albums. Apple hires DJs for streaming its own Beats 1 radio station from London, New York and Los Angeles, with other entertainment such as exclusive interviews and what's hot discussion.

Apple Music and Spotify offer options for music sharing but Spotify has more features. Spotify has already integrated this music sharing with social media features rather than limited Apple music sharing features. Users of Spotify are able to post their favorite music on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr feed and follow others' feed in their personal Spotify page.

Spotify has also reached a big deal recently with Tesla to provide its Spotify Premium music streaming service integrated in every Tesla Model S in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong. Jonathan Tarlton, senior manager for Automotive Business Development at Spotify told Telegraph that "Tesla owners will be able to access a full premium experience, free from adverts,"

Spotify has also partnered with BMW, Ford and Mini to provide in-car audio entertainment. Partnership with Tesla will bring Spotify a more advance position in the competition of digital music service. However, Apple Music will be its serious competitor in the year 2016 with the loyal customer of Apple products.

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