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Google Recruited Tesla's Autopilot Manager

By Staff Writer

Google hired Robert Rose to work in its Google Robotics to enhance Google self-driving car. Prior to join Google, Robet Rose worked in Tesla for its autopilot program. On the other hand, Tesla recruited software engineer from Google Maps team.

9to5 Google noticed the news first, but it is not clear if Rose joined Google to work on the company's self-driving car project. Although there are some indications about Rose's involvement in the project, like similar terms Rose used in his LinkedIn profile and what Google refers to self-driving car engineers as Robotics Software engineer.

Meanwhile, while Google poached Robert Rose, Tesla recruited Google software engineer from its Google's Maps Street View project. Liang Heng, a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, who had been working in Google since May 2014 is now working for Tesla.

The Verge reported that stealing talents has become the weapon of choice in the autonomous car arms race. The cycle is circling around from Tesla poaches Apple's employees, and Apple brings in employees from Tesla. A new startup, Faraday Future is the one who poaches from both Tesla and Apple.

As for Google itself, the company has been researching on robotics software since 2012, focusing on autonomous car. Following the research, several states in U.S. has passed legislation to allow driverless car roaming the street. Nevada, Florida, California and Michigan are four states that allowed the operation of autonomous car.

According to Tech Crunch, Robert Rose was an Autopilot software engineering manager in Tesla, with five years experience at SpaceX. It seems that he is not going to be working on the cars in Google, but software. Tech Crunch have already contacted Google for statement and will update once Google made one.

In his early career, Robert Rose was a developer for Sony Play Station's famous video game series, Syphon Filter. Afterward, he joined  Elon Musk's rocket and aerospace company, Space X and working closely with Elon Musk himself, as a Director of Flight Software. In 2014, Rose was recruited to Tesla to lead autopilot development team to further advance the autonomous capability of Tesla's car.

Tesla and Google take different approach on their autonomous driving hardware. Tesla uses the hardware based on Mobileye driver assist and autonomous driving technology, with a forward-looking camera, radar, and 360 degree sonar sensors. Meanwhile, Google are more on the Lidar remote sensing technology, using laser and reflected light analysis.

Autonomous car is the new battleground for tech companies. Companies are poaching each other talents in order to make their self-driving car to work flawlessly.

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