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How to Create Prosperous Business Presentation in 6 Easy Ways

Business presentations can be a nervy experience.  Developing your confidence and capability to provide good presentations and standing up in front of an audience and speaking well, are colossally helpful competencies for self-development and social situations.

Skills on public speaking and presentations are very helpful in many ways in terms of work and life. These effective skills are vital in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing, and comfortable speaking to a large number of people, according to Business Balls

People remember less than half percent of the presentation and they may end up sleeping on their comfortable chair if the presenter's style of delivering the content is quite 'boring'. To make your presentation to end up 'clapping', one must struggle to hold the interest and attention of the audience till the end, by speaking through their imaginations via various ideas, clips and images.

Presenting your ideas in a unique, motivating and attention-grabbing way is not based on some hard and fast rules, but on some of the variables that can help in sudden improvement of one's presentation, according to BDC.

First, think of S.T.A.R. moments (some memorable moments to start with your presentation) of your own to say or tell e.g. funny stories, anecdotes involving famous people and your industry, graphic statistics or an emotional story about how your product has changed people's lives.

Second, get off to a fast start. According to Guy Cabana, a Montreal-based public speaker, and trainer, unless you engage today's audiences promptly, they're likely to lose attention and start checking their smartphones or simply walk out.

"The very first thing you have to do is identify the purpose of this meeting or talk," Cabana says. "Why are they here? Why are you talking to them? What will they take away?"

Third, determine audience's potential objections. Before going into further detail on what you want the audience to do, pick three objections for them to make. For instance, If you want your team to sell more, mention the current slow market, recent quality problems or shortcomings in distribution. This will elevate the interest and willingness.

Fourth, be realistic and inspire the audience. Tell them about the effort required to fulfill the given task.  

"With today's more aware audiences," Cabana says, "you can't coerce people. You can't tell them what to do. But if you learn to hold their attention, stress shared interests and inspire them, you can be a podium hero and achieve your goals."

Fifth, it isn't always necessary to use a powerpoint or visual representation especially if you're already an engaging speaker and have interesting subject matter. In fact, it more often cause distraction from the focal point - that is the presentation, according to Wiki How

Lastly and importantly, dress properly and look presentable. Wearing nicer and comfortable clothes can help get you into the mindset of giving a good presentation. 

Following such simple yet wise tools to prepare for your presentation can lead to a successful outcome of any kind of business related project.

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