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Career Women can Increase Impact, Influence and Income

By Staff Writer

It's now time for girl power and enough of the gender inequality.  What men can do can be done by women as well. 

Almost half a billion women already joined the world's labor force over the past 30 years, and women now credit more than 40% of workers all around the world.  One reason for the additional workforce is the unprecedented fertility reduction in most distinct countries like Bangladesh, Colombia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran together with the female education improvements, according to International Monetary Fund.

Since women now represent 40% of the world's labor force and more than half the world's university students, the overall productivity increases too if their skills and talents will be utilized to the full extent.  Getting rid of the obstacles against women working in certain sectors or jobs could boost output by raising women's participation and labor productivity up to 25% in some countries through the better development of their skills and talent.

Women have greater control over household resources, either through their earnings or cash transfers.  They can also improve the countries' growth prospects by changing the way spending can benefit the children.

Giving power to women as economic, political, and social factors can make a difference in policy choices and make institutions more representative of a range of voices. In India, giving authority to women at the local level led to the greater provision of public goods including water and sanitation.

There is growth in the economy when women work. If there is additional participation from the female labor force or a decrease in the gap, the result is faster economic growth, according to UN Women.

A lot more women work in vulnerable, low-paid, or undervalued jobs. As of 2013, 49.1% of working women around the globe could be harmed physically and emotionally, often unprotected by labor legislation compared to 46.9% of men. 

The economic quality of women is good for business. The increasing leadership opportunities for women also increase organizational effectiveness greatly benefiting companies. Companies that approximately have three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all aspects of organizational effectiveness.

According to Forbes, women being rescued by their Prince Charming like in 'Cinderella' are no longer the trend of today.  It can do more harm than good making women underdog.

Nadine Haupt is one example of a real underdog story. She's a fast woman aside from being a consultant and a coach.  She was the first female trackside engineer in IndyCar history. As a woman, she learned a great deal in what was known as a man's sport. Being an automotive engineer she works for a lot of companies dominated by men.

She had great advice to offer women in the corporate world and need not wait for a man to save you.  You have to figure out first what you want, then start perfecting your inner game. Get clear and focused on your own strengths, values, priorities, and goals. Then, evaluate your organization and culture because you always have choices.

What's Haupt's main message: "You are the driver in this race. You make the moves to open new doors of opportunity."  

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