Travelgasmic Instagram Accounts: Top 5 travel Instagram accounts to follow

Wanderlust came up with  a new list of the top Instragram accounts to follow this year. Allegedly, these top 5 award-winners Instagrammers did a fantastic job of making people feel they are really travelling, even if they're just scrolling through their phones while using Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the most searched source of wanderlust. With so many options to choose from,  they are often chosen by their followers as the top 5 travel bloggers on Instagram out on the hundreds of accounts. Although, they considered it a tough decision since there are a lot of incredibly talented people all over the globe, these 5 people showcase some of the most unique destinations, perspectives and style. 

One of the Instagram travelers that caught followers attention is Jetset Christina. The Instagrammer is a San Francisco-based travel blogger that makes her followers lust over her exotic, and often beach vacations.  So people who are craving to see different places are scrolling through her Instagram account @jetsetchristina  as the blogger takes people on an adventure around the world, showcasing the coolest locales, restaurants, bars, and beaches around the world and capturing breathtaking moments that will inspire their next travel destinations.

Another pick by a lot of travelers is @lepostcard. Le Postcard is said to be dedicated to displaying the luxe travel habits of jetsetters around the globe, showcasing some of the most glamorous holiday locations in the world as well as the essential products you need to vacation in style. Claiming a spot is Unlocking Kiki. According to The Sunny Side Of This, the traveler definitely knows how to pick a location, even if it means risking her own life. Moreover, her adventurous spirit does take her to some of the most amazing places. People who love green landscapes and volcanic hidden treasures definitely follow this account for insights of their next travel getaways.

Alicia Explores  also impresses her followers. The lovely Alicia recently launched her new blog. In there, she shares a mixture of travel, romance and the unusual. She's also a TV presenter by trade so people really expect her to produce loads of awesome travel videos and guides on her Instagram account too. Having just returned from a trip to Japan, her followers could see her trips not only on her Instagram account, but also on her Facebook page. On the other hand, @LoveDeathTravel's Instagram name comes from a Jim Morrison quote that says, "All of our songs are about love, death, and travel". But just to set things clear, he seems to only take photographs of love and travel. People love this Instagrammer's page for everything from his song lyric-infused descriptions to his amazing photos all over the map.

Meanwhile, these incredible Instagram accounts would actually show their followers every corner of the globe that people may have never seen before.  Better yet, their travel photographs as well as tips most probably inspire people to plan for the next trip.

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