US Airlines Challenge Biden's Fee Transparency Directive

US Airlines Challenge Biden's Fee Transparency Directive

American airlines have filed a lawsuit to prevent the Biden administration from imposing more transparency on the fees that they charge their customers.
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American airlines have filed a lawsuit to prevent the Biden administration from imposing more transparency on the fees that they charge their customers. The airlines claim that the new rule would confuse customers by providing them with an excessive amount of information when purchasing a ticket.

On Monday, the US Department of Transportation announced that it will forcefully defend the regulation against what it referred to as "hidden junk fees."

In a federal appeals court on Friday, American, Delta, United, and three other airlines, along with their industry trade group, sued the Transportation Department, requesting that the rule be overturned.

The Transportation Department is seeking "to regulate private business operations in a thriving marketplace," according to the trade organization Airlines for America. The airlines argued the government hasn't demonstrated that customers can't already obtain information regarding costs.

Among the nation's six major airlines, only Southwest did not join the legal action, which was filed in the 5th U.S. New Orleans Circuit Court of Appeals. According to Southwest, the Dallas-based airline allows travelers to check two bags for free and has never imposed additional fees for ticket changes or cancellations, so the regulation should have little to no impact on it.

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What are These Fees?


It's no longer shocking to have to pay more for checked baggage than carry-on items. And since luggage fees alone bring in billions of dollars for airlines annually, that expense is now essentially included in the price of flying. The true money-making for airlines happens with checked baggage.

While JetBlue and Southwest both provide free checked baggage for its Blue Plus, Mint, and Mosaic classes, practically all other major airlines levy a fee of around $25 for the first two checked bags.

Seat Selection

These days, choosing your seat in advance usually has an additional cost. There is nearly always a moment in the ticket purchase process when clients may select their seat using a small map.

Booking Fees

It's likely that you often buy flights online, but did you realize that this convenience may come at an additional cost? This mostly pertains to those really cunning low-cost carriers.

Change Charges

During the pandemic, many businesses have become considerably more accommodating; some have even completely stopped charging change. However, before you book, you should absolutely find out the airline's policies.

Who, you might wonder, has the tightest policies?-the budget airlines.

Boarding Passes

Among the most ridiculous airline costs is the additional cost to have your boarding card printed at the airport.

In-Flight Amenities

Do you believe the costs stop when you buy your ticket? Rethink your thoughts. Once you're aboard the aircraft, airlines will continue try to extort you for money by charging exorbitant fees for amenities like WiFi, meals, and even pillows and blankets.

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