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HighKey on BitClout: The Social Media Network of the Century

By Ernest Hamilton

HighKey on BitClout: The Social Media Network of the Century
HighKey on BitClout: The Social Media Network of the Century (HighKey on BitClout: The Social Media Network of the Century )

Social media has successfully made it to the mainstream consciousness of over half the global population. DataReportal's latest study shows that over 4.33 billion people worldwide are using some form of social networking site this year. That's why it's no wonder many tech companies are interested in investing or forming the next Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to capture the hearts and minds of the general population.

It may come as a surprise, but there are more than a hundred social media sites all around the world. Of course, the most popular ones take up most of the audience share across the globe. In fact, Facebook alone has a user base of almost 2.8 billion worldwide.

Despite the successes of the leading social media networks today, for the top social media branding company HighKey Enterprises, an emerging platform called BitClout may very well be the social media network of the century.

BitClout is the first-ever crypto social network. It is the first of its kind to use blockchain technology to ensure complete decentralization of the platform. This means it is also the first open-source, decentralized social media site on the Internet. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, BitClout is not owned by a big corporation, which in turn gives complete ownership of content to its users and creators.

"With its decentralized nature, BitClout has the potential to eat up the entire media base of current social media platforms, if it evolves correctly," say HighKey Enterprises founders Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz.

Aside from social media decentralization, BitClout also offers its users the opportunity to turn their popularity into equity through creator coins. Each person who signs up with BitClout is given a single creator coin that changes in value when it is traded by other users on the platform. 

For​ the Lintz brothers, this is another interesting feature of the platform, since they can use their own coin, HighKey Coin, to back their entire business. Creator coins put a tangible value on popularity, which helps secure partnerships, know where one stands in the social media industry, and increase profits in the short and long term.

"BitClout is the next generation of social media, with money on your name," say the Lintz brothers. "It cultivates freedom online, which we project will attract billions of users in the future."

Another way BitClout is revolutionizing social media is with its looming launch of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the platform, further proving that the HighKey founders are right to believe that BitClout is the social media of the future.

With this belief in mind, HighKey Enterprises does not want to waste this golden opportunity. The company plans to become the proud owner of the top cryptocurrency in the world through BitClout. The Lintz brothers are some of the first to back BitClout and invest heavily in HighKey Coin, as they recognize the huge potential of the crypto social network while also understanding the risks involved with it. 

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