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How Peak Capital Trading is Giving Itself an Edge With a Proprietary TradeBook System

By Ernest Hamilton

How Peak Capital Trading is giving itself an edge with a proprietary TradeBook system
How Peak Capital Trading is giving itself an edge with a proprietary TradeBook system (How Peak Capital Trading is giving itself an edge with a proprietary TradeBook system)

No army will embark on a mission without a plan that has been well-thought-out in advance. Every single possibility and every single risk will have been very carefully examined and assessed in order for the mission to be as successful as possible. Nothing is left to chance. In the world of business, this planning ahead can lead to the creation of sets of instructions known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). When the instructions are followed, excellent results can be expected. At Peak Capital Trading, a trader's TradeBook is their standard operating procedure. Peak Capital Trading believes TradeBooks not only give traders an edge in becoming profitable, but also serve to help them achieve consistency.

Peak Capital Trading is a Vancouver-based proprietary trading firm, founded in 2020 by veteran traders and Wall Street executives, with the mission to "work with a diverse pool of Canadian and international traders in order to establish the leading firm for trading US stock market equities". 

Andrew Aziz, a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author, is the founder and proprietary fund manager of Peak Capital Trading.

In an interview, Andrew Aziz described day trading as "a solitary effort that involves sitting alone in a room, very early in the morning (depending upon your time zone), and making decisions, sometimes in just a second or two. It also requires spending much time in planning, preparation, and review. What may look like split-second decisions are in fact based on very precise plans setting out exactly how to act in hundreds of potential scenarios. Accordingly, those apparently quick decisions are actually based on many hours of careful deliberation." At Peak Capital Trading, the planning, preparation, and review are all parts of a trader's TradeBook, a standard operating procedure designed and written by each individual trader to help bring out their best trading performance.

The Three Pillars of Every TradeBook: Technology, Strategy, and Psychology

The three main components of each TradeBook are Technology, Strategy, and Psychology, and without all three of them, a trader's TradeBook is not complete. That is why Peak Capital Trading offers in-house psychologists, mentors, and world-class software to help traders establish their TradeBooks. 

As described by the founder of Peak Capital Trading, Andrew Aziz: "Technology, strategy, and psychology are the three essential pillars of successful trading. Without all three of them, the roof will collapse."

Technology makes it easier for the trader to focus on perfecting the execution of their strategy and maximize their performance without worrying about a plethora of other tasks. This pillar includes choosing the right platform, scanner, trading community, broker, and set of Hotkeys, in addition to the journaling tools the trader will use each trading day. 

The strategy is the trader's unique set of trading rules. This pillar typically outlines the trader's stock selection criteria, daily and one-month maximum losses, and daily profit goal. At Peak Capital Trading, each trader develops their own specific strategy, which complements their risk appetite, and gives them their edge. 

Although the psychology of a trader is a key factor in making or breaking their performance, the trading profession seems to almost always neglect this crucial component of successful trading. Peak Capital Trading has dedicated a voluminous amount of resources to this pillar and believes that creating a TradeBook is one of a trader's most important assets in order to allow them to assess and understand themselves to the fullest. 

Peak Capital Trading's team of exceptional mentors focuses on these three pillars of success. They guide their members toward creating TradeBooks, what many would refer to as standard operating procedures, but they're certainly more than that. Once the TradeBook is written, each member is encouraged to keep developing and updating it so that they can find their TradeBook edge which, ultimately, will lead them to long-term trading success. As Andrew Aziz is often overheard saying: "Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a lifelong journey." 

Successful traders always have specific goals and plans in mind and they never stop studying and learning from their past trades. TradeBooks are efficient tools for traders to find their edge and help them to become profitable and achieve peak performance. This is why at Peak Capital Trading, TradeBooks are at the heart of their culture.

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