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Camilo Doumat on how success equates with victory

By Patrick Jones

Camilo Doumat on how success equates with victory
Camilo Doumat on how success equates with victory (WhatsApp)

Born in Venezuela, Camilo Doumat has loved computers for as long as he can remember. This led to an entrepreneurial desire of being his own boss and making his living with his laptop. With online sales of over 7 million dollars in just 14 months from starting his own brands on Shopify, Camilo has excelled at his dream of running a successful e-commerce business. At 16, Camilo was selling phones online. This experience, combined with a love of computers, showed him the path to financial freedom by working from anywhere in the world. 7 days after launching his first online store, Camilo had made $50,000 in sales, and he promptly ended his stint as an Uber driver. Now, he sees sales upwards of $100,000 a day and has even made 1.3 million dollars in one month. An avid fan of exotic cars, Camilo set a goal of owning a Lamborghini by the age of 30. He is 25 now and he already owns two of them. These goals brought Camilo from Venezuela to the United States, where he felt that he would have a better chance of achieving them. Today, he is lauded in the world of e-commerce and will be speaking at the January 2021 Mastermind Project.  Camilo has come a long way from being a kidnapping victim to becoming an online sales mogul, and he has some tips for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. Those sales did not fall into his lap for Camilo, who considers himself an expert in creating, promoting and growing his brands. He calls entrepreneurship a "dangerous weapon" and is not shy to warn people that one of its biggest challenges are the risks you must take and the long stretches where you will not earn even a penny from your business. Yet high risk can yield high rewards, and 18-hour days have more than paid off for this ambitious young man. Camilo also credits his success to a winning mentality, focus, consistency and perseverance. By embracing these 5 elements, putting forth tremendous effort and overcoming fears, he has surpassed all his previous goals and now enjoys the life he always wanted. Camilo equates success with victory and his phenomenal numbers make him an invaluable source of guidance. Fortunately, Camilo has a passion for sharing his knowledge as well. Not only does he want to teach, but he also wants to help others change their lives as he did. When this guru offers advice, you will do yourself a favor by listening.

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