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Lifestyle Miami: Miguel Zulueta Explains His Love For 'The Magic City'

By Ernest Hamilton

Lifestyle Miami: Miguel Zulueta Explains His Love For 'The Magic City'
Lifestyle Miami: Miguel Zulueta Explains His Love For 'The Magic City' (Lifestyle Miami: Miguel Zulueta Explains His Love For 'The Magic City')

For some people, they don't just like the place where they live, they love it so much they become a living embodiment of its culture, values, and the very essence of what makes it unique. A case in point is Miguel Zulueta and the city he calls home - Miami!

Six years ago Miguel set up a simple Instagram page to express his love for 'The Magic City.' What started as a hobby to promote Miami's businesses, highlight its events, showcase its characters, publicize its good causes, give voice to its citizens, and capture in photos the elusive vibrancy of the city's many faces, quickly gained a momentum all of its own. 

As Miguel explained, "It began because I wanted to create a page purely dedicated to Miami and those who live here. The ambition was to create a place where the man in the street could connect with city leaders for the greater good. Miami has always been an eclectic melting pot of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, all I did was help transfer that dynamic online."

Lifestyle Miami has since exceeded Miguel's wildest expectations. The brand has become a lifestyle page, a charity fundraiser, a community newsletter, and a place for the culture, talent, and diversity of Miami to blossom and thrive. 

Miguel said, "Miami has given me and so many other people so much. I'm proud to be able to give something back. I never forget that in regard to Lifestyle Miami, it's the city itself which is the true star of the show, my job is to simply showcase it."

As a naturally modest man, Miguel doesn't make a big deal about all the good causes in Miami, his page has raised huge amounts of money and awareness for. As a true child of the city, he's just happy to tell the world what a great place Miami is.

Miguel explained, "There's so much that is of a toxic and hostile nature online, it's great to be part of something positive, uplifting, and which makes everyone who visits it feel valued, respected, and loved. That to me is what Miami has always been about. It's a very accepting and open-minded city and its inhabitants are always keen to help and lend a hand. It's a way of life here and I think it's why Lifestyle Miami has been such a success - it simply reflects the city it celebrates."

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