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Jewelry Brand ENGELSINN Used the Power of Social Media to Build a Worldwide Customer Base

Feb 25, 2021 11:59 AM EST

Jewelry Brand ENGELSINN Used the Power of Social Media to Build a Worldwide Customer Base
(Photo : Jewelry Brand ENGELSINN Used the Power of Social Media to Build a Worldwide Customer Base)

Social media is the perfect vehicle to expose your brand to the world. With Facebook, Twitter, and in particular, Instagram, you can have a shop window that will attract customers and clients from every corner of the globe.

Never in history has marketing your brand to millions been so effective or possible. Yet, so many businesses and brands still get it wrong or fail to maximize social media's true potential. Founded in April last year, online jewelry store ENGELSINN appreciates how important momentum is in the digital sphere. Through a combination of high-quality products and effective marketing strategies, they have become a global brand in record time. An ENGELSINN representative kindly agreed to take time out of their busy schedule to share with us how they did it. 

Identify Your Clientele 

On average a person checks their smartphone 200 times a day and 90 percent of Facebook users check their feeds somewhere between 11-14 times a day. As you can see the audience is there, you just need to connect with them. Social media platforms are tailor-made for advertising and content marketing, but you need a dedicated individual or team to monitor and analyze trends before you target your specific clientele. Study your customer-base, their patterns, their preferences, and their behavior, and once you are familiar with every aspect of your chosen market, it's time to put together a detailed strategy. 

Content Remains King 

There's a lot of brands who think being pushy on social media, getting in the customer's face and making the hard-sell will still work, it won't. Customers are more sophisticated than ever before. You need to be subtle on social media. You cannot just post a sales message and hope for the best. The devil is in the detail and you have to address your customers as individuals. Think about what they would like to see and hear from you. Offer them something intriguing, engaging, and captivating. It's all about winning their attention. A lot of things have changed online, but content still remains king. Ensure yours is regal and has the power to inspire. Remember, social media is for generating interest and hopefully inspiring people to learn more about your brand. It's not a place for financial transactions, it's a shop window to invite the world to come on in and see what you have to offer. 

Be Globally Aware 

If you want to operate on a global scale you have to think globally. Your social media writers should be experts at networking and linking to organizations that are trying to make the world a better place. Through association, the client will begin to identify your brand as a positive force that transcends geographical boundaries and language barriers, and one which they will recommend to family and friends. Think big, act responsibly, and offer a quality product, and the world will soon be your oyster. 

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