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Pros and Cons of Buying or Building Your Solarium

By Ernest Hamilton

Pros and Cons of Buying or Building Your Solarium
Pros and Cons of Buying or Building Your Solarium (Pros and Cons of Buying or Building Your Solarium)

There are a lot of design and décor options available out there when it some to the various styles of solariums you can have. Outdoor additions like this are becoming more and more popular these days. Things like gazebos, pergolas, cabana areas, and many other types of outdoor structures and social areas are being added to people's property everywhere. 

But whenever anyone is thinking about taking on that type of project, the first question should always be whether to build or to buy. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor is what it is that you prefer and/or require from your solarium. Here is some basic info to get you started:

What Is a Solarium?

Solariums, also known as sunrooms, can be either an addition to an existing home or stand as an independent structure somewhere else on the property. They allow in an enormous amount of natural sunlight and warmth. They can be built from the slab up or bought prefab and ready to install. 

Regardless of how you end up going about adding it, it can offer several different uses. Such examples include a tea room, brunch area, reading room or study, creative or yoga studio, and many other things. 

Two very important differences between buying and selling must be noted; the first is the fact that it can only be attached to your home if you build it. Secondly, there is a significant difference in the cost as well. This brings us to our next question.

What Type of Access and Function Do You Prefer?

For homeowners who want easy access to their solarium from their house, then buying one would probably be out of the question. But for people who are open to the idea of an independent sunroom, then the questions about building or buying can be important factors in their decision-making process. 

So, to give you a better idea of what goes into each option, as well as some of the pros and cons, here is a little bit of basic information about both choices:


One of the things that most homeowners who prefer to build their solariums bring up is the fact that they can be nearly completely customized. For folks who have a very specific vision or design in mind, building from scratch can allow them to have exactly what they want. 

One of the biggest cons with that, however, is the price. Not only can it cost as much as 4 times to build a solarium as it does to buy a prefab one, when you start adding a bunch of customizations it can be even more expensive. Other cons include extra building permits and inspection requirements, possible increases in property taxes, completion time, and a few others.


For people who want to have their own, personal sunroom and don't mind it not being attached to their home, buying is a good option. A great choice for someone who doesn't know where to start would be premade Sojag solariums for your backyard. This (or another quality brand) should offer a lot of easy-assembly options and various models and designs to choose from. This is also all at a much lower price. 

As far as the cons go, the main ones have to do with excessively custom designs or being attached to the property. If these aren't issues for you, then buying a premade solarium should be seriously considered.

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