Budget-Friendly COVID-19 Valentine's Day: 3 Romantic Alternatives to Expensive Bouquets

Bouquet of Flowers
Bouquet of Flowers (Jeff J Mitchell / Staff/GETTY IMAGES)

Whatever your plans are for the upcoming Valentine's Day, it pays to be more practical this year than in previous years. The world economies have been ravaged by the still ongoing COVID-19 and being impractical is not wise.

You might be one or not be one of those who lost their incomes, but with a pandemic that refuses to end, it really is better to be wise on where money is spent on.

If you are one of those who lost your income however, do not fret this Valentine's Day. There are great alternatives to replace the expensive flower bouquet. 

Being wise and romantic are not mutually exclusive after all. You can decide against that expensive bouquet of flowers, which is truly impractical even though they are certainly pretty, and still be viewed as the most romantic partner in the whole world. Check out these three great, if not greater, alternatives:


Women (or men) appreciate their food, do not let society tell you otherwise. If you are going to spend around $250 or more for a nice bouquet of flowers, imagine how many boxes of pizza you can share with your honey this time as you stay home and stay safe? If you have kids, this is already no brainer. 

Pizza is great for any day - even for a special day such as Valentine's. Get all the flavors you want and you might not even spend as much as what you would have in case you get some inedible flowers.

Just imagine sharing a box with your beloved, or sharing a slice between the two of you while watching Netflix and drinking wine. Make sure both of you are COVID-19 free and you are certainly good to go! 

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Instead of giving them a bouquet of flowers that they would have to keep in a vase until they die out, why not give your partner some plants that they can nurture? In fact, you can use this as a symbol of your growing relationship that needs care and constant nurturing for it to grow? With such a meaning behind your gift, you bet your partner will love you for it!

Better yet, give your partner a horde of seeds and pots and make gardening a pandemic hobby you can enjoy together.  If the pandemic has not yet turned you into home gardeners like many around the world, now is the time to get on board.


The money you are going to spend for a bouquet of flowers is better off with some books - get her the newest romance out in the market if that is her thing, or five of them. It's not going to cost as much as a bouquet of fresh flowers. Give her some of her favorite teas to go with the books and imagine the quiet (romantic!) nights you'd be spending as the COVID-19 pandemic ruins life outside your house.

Or get some relationship self-help book that you can both learn from. Have fun discussing the book and their fine points. 

Frankly, you can get your partner anything without the flowers. Your partner certainly has a lot of wants and hobbies and 9 out of 10, this does not involve oohing and aahing over expensive flowers for hours. It might be nice to have a picture with flowers, but the money spent on them can very well go to more practical, more meaningful, and more impactful gifts.

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