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Tesla Snap: What's Hidden Under the Mint-Green Covers?

By Madz D.

Tesla Model Y bodies were allegedly spotted at the Gigafactory Berlin complex by multiple drone operators in the area.

Something's happening in Berlin

Tesla Enthusiast Allegedly Spots Model Y Bodies at Giga Berlin Complex
(Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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From the view under mint green car covers, the Tesla Model Y was reportedly hidden. However, eagle-eyed Tesla enthusiasts spotted and identified the cars.

TeslaRati reported that Tesla supporters were easily identified by the Model Y even if they were hidden with mint-green covers to prevent everyone from getting a full view of the vehicle. The vehicles were determined by the curvature of the sheets wrapped around them, revealing the back's sloped roof structure.


Enthusiasts confirmed the spotted vehicles were Model Y

 After analyzing the photos of the Tesla Model Y bodies seen in Giga Berlin, an enthusiast Reductionist tweeted, "Definitely all Model Y: notice the crossbeam on the roof, right where the rear hatch starts. The Model 3 has a different roof structure (extremely large rear window, fairly small sunroof). These cars have much larger sunroof cut outs."

Meanwhile, Gigafactory Berlin's machines were not yet placed for production, so the Model Y bodies most likely came from Fremont Factory, as per the drone operator Tobias Lindh. The spotted Tesla Model Y bodies potentially be used for testing, Lindh suggested.

One drone operator on site said the Model Y bodies could be used to test Giga Berlin's revolutionary paint shop. Tesla was recently authorized by Brandenburg's State Office for the Environment to install Geico Taikisha machines into the facility's paint shop.


Aside from the approval of the paint shop machine's installation, Giga Berlin received authorization to start the second phase of deforestation, as per TeslaRate. Multiple building structures are on site, and the State Office for the Environment steadily approves parts of Tesla's application. Therefore, Tesla supporters might see Model Y vehicles soon.

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Seven in 10 Tesla sales are Model Y

Seven in every ten vehicles sold by Tesla in the U.S. are Model Y, according to the data from Tesla's primary aftermarket accessory retail site. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was right regarding the money when he predicted that Model Y would out-do Model S, Model 3, and Model X sales combined, the new report suggests.

In March 2020, the Driven reported the Tesla Model Y electric crossover, a year after the Tesla Model Y was first unveiled. However, up to now, there are no official sales numbers the company combines with Model Y and Model 3 sales in its quarterly report.

On the other hand, new information from Evannex suggests it is already doing precisely what Musk predicted. Evannex sells aftermarket accessories for Tesla vehicles in the U.S. On the Evannex sales data, which Zach Shahan reported, he said he had an anecdotal confirmation from a Tesla representative that seven in ten "sounds about right."

If Evannex's suggestion is correct, the Tesla Model Y is yet to roll out in overseas markets, while the new 2021 Model 3 upgrade might encourage more buyers back to the Model 3. The company is expected to focus on the production at the new Berlin Gigafactory that is near completion by mid-2021.

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