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Tesla Model 3 Yellow Taxi Cabs Will Ease Your Commute in New York

By Madz D.

Tesla, Inc. is infiltrating several aspects of life, such as software, automotive, energy production, and storage. Now, you can hail a cab in New York City that could bring a Tesla to you!

Tesla Model 3 Yellow Taxi Cabs Start Giving Rides In New York
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Tesla Motors Continues To Report Quarterly Losses, While Interest In Their Batteries Grow CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 03: A Tesla Roadster Sport sits in a dealership showroom on November 3, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Tesla Motors Inc. stock rose more than 13 percent today after the electric sports car maker reported a less-than-expected third quarter loss. Tesla has already sold out of next year's production of the Model S sedan, the company's first four-door vehicle.

According to Business Insider, Tesla Model 3 is the first all-electric yellow taxi cab to start giving rides in New York City.

One year ago, the vehicle was approved by the city to operate as a taxi, and it is now available to give us a ride. The Model 3s are brought in overnight to charge, unlike other cabs that operate 24 hours daily. 

In its first week of service, the first Model 3 taxi completed more than 100 trips, as per Yahoo.

DriveSally, which has more than 1,000 taxis, operates the car. So far, the drivers' biggest complaint is that people had problems figuring out how to open the door because Model 3 has quite unusual door handles. 

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The stress of range anxiety and fear of running out of battery power is unmanageable by one driver. However, most Tesla cars come with a smaller buffer range after the meter indicates zero miles remaining.

The Tesla Model 3 has several updates from big to not-so-big. Many changes in Model 3 are catching up to Model Y, which has included most of the list below, according to Forbes:

  • The 221 Tesla Model 3 has Long Range AWD getting an EPA estimated 353 miles up from 322 miles in the 2020 Model. 
  • Chrome trim now in black with satin finish style. 
  • Heat pump comes to Model 2, which increases AC efficiency.
  • Power lift for liftgate/trunk
  • Double-paned glass for better soundproofing.
  • Trunk water leakage is now fixed. 
  • New Aero wheels.
  • USB port for dashcam placed in the glove compartment.
  • The steering wheel is thicker and has a better grip, as well as rotary dials, are metal.
  • New Aero wheels

Tesla Model X still ahead of BMW iX

Forbes reported that Americans need to wait until 2022 to buy BMW's new iX all-electric SUV. Meanwhile, Tesla launched its Model X, and by then, BMW will still be 2-3 years behind Tesla's current crucial battery and connectivity technology.

Professor Stefan Bratzel, director of Germany's Center of Automotive Management, said that upcoming premium electric cars from Audi and Mercedes' likes would also lag behind the U.S. company.

Some analysts reckoned the new iX would be a formidable competitor in the market, where prices start at close to $90,000 following tax when it goes on sale late next year. The base model iX is assumed to cost over $100,000 after tax. 

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