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Canceled Christmas Party: Here are Fun Alternatives Amid the Pandemic

By Madz D.

With the COVID-19 cases on the rise, you and your colleague's favorite holiday tradition in your company wouldn't be the same this year. 

Cancelled Christmas Party: Here are the Alternative things To Do
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Cancelled Christmas Party: Here are the Alternative things To Do

According to John Hall of Forbes, canceling a party is a small price to pay to ensure his team's safety; even if there will be no catered buffet, secret Santas, ugly-sweater contest, awkward exchange gift, or day-after gossip. 

However, Hall admitted that all the companies are giving a pass to expressing gratitude, building organizational chemistry, and improving morale. Those needs must still be met under the tree this year, as per Hall. Here are the alternative ways of celebrating Christmas party amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Forbes:

Give Something Permanent

According to John Ruhlin, co-founder of a gift marketing agency and author of Giftology, one of the significant mistakes of employers in giving gifts is giving consumables such as alcohol, food, and live plants. Instead of these consumables, give gifts that are all things holiday parties aren't like things that are lasting and useful at all times. Some of these lasting gifts are goods like dinnerware and art, which are memorable and durable. 

Cash may seem to be a smart choice, but it's often to feed a retirement fund or pay a nagging bill. The better option is a thoughtful item since large companies make headlines for bonusing frontline workers in a year. 

Spend the Money

Company programs, including Christmas parties, are built around one question: "How much should we spend?"

Hall advised that your canceled Christmas party's expenses should be divided among the employees who would have been invited and buy it a gift for each of them.

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Add a Handwritten Note

According to SWNS Digital, over 80% of American adults see handwritten notes as more thoughtful than digital communication. Amid the pandemic, you could bring back this kind of thoughtfulness to the employees by attaching a personalized letter to every gift you will give. 

President of Global Services at American Express, Denise Pickett, wrote thousands of handwritten notes each year while listening to music or watching TV, as per The Cut. Pickett's record for writing letters is 278 in one sitting.

You could still create great memory amid the pandemic

Unlike the typical Christmas party that people will forget afterward, a gist is a persistent memory to pay dividends, as per Forbes. The effort of the entire experience, from packaging to the presentation, has no price tags. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year might be slightly different, but the value of giving gifts won't be. At any company, employees must know that they are valued. 

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