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Climate change: Donald Trump calls it hoax; can Ivanka Trump convince him?

By Sounak Mukhopadhyay

According to Donald Trump, climate change is a hoax. He may have even called it a Chinese hoax. Interestingly, his daughter Ivanka has a totally different take on it.

Not only she recognizes climate change as an alarming issue, but she also wants to work on measures against it. She earlier met Al Gore, a major climate change activist. The former vice president is now known for his anti-global warming campaigns.

Ivanka does not belong to any political party yet. Some may wonder if she has inherited a Republican lineage from her father. Her initiation against global warming is more in line with Democrats.

While it was supposed to be a meeting between Ivanka and Gore, Donald Trump happened to join the discussion. Gore spent around 90 minutes at the Trump Tower during the lunch hour on Monday, the National Post reported.

He later told reporters that he had a "very productive' discussion with Donald Trump. They sincerely looked for a common ground, he said. Prior to meeting Trump, Gore met his daughter. Gore, nevertheless, spent the most of the time with the president-elect. He added that the discussion with him was interesting, and that it was not the last discussion they had on the issue.

Many activists have high hopes about Ivanka Trump's role in the next government. Even though she does not officially represent any political party yet, she apparently has a lot of influence on her father. She may eventually convince her father to continue Barack Obama's legacy against climate change.

According to The Independent, Ivanka may have had a recent meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo, a major activist against global warming, reportedly gave a copy of "Before The Flood," the 90-minute documentary on climate change. He has co-produced the documentary that features prominent international personalities like Pope Francis, Ban Ki-Moon and Elon Musk.

It will be interesting to see if Ivanka manages to convince Donald Trump about climate change.

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