Is Donald Trump going to run America on Twitter?

Donald Trump is going to be different from all other presidents America has seen so far. One of the practices that make him stand out is the way he uses his Twitter account.

The American population believes the president-elect uses the microblogging website a bit way too much. This may surprise Trump who is known for using Twitter to express his take on almost everything around.

He has been using it for years now. He uses it to appreciate the things he likes and criticize the things he does not. However, a new Morning Consult/POLITICO poll suggests that most voters find him spending a lot of time on the social network.

According to 56 percent people, Donald Trump is "too much" on Twitter. On the other hand, 16 percent people believe he uses it appropriately. Interestingly, there are some (5 percent) who believe the president-elect does not use Twitter enough.

The above-mentioned figures are about all voters. Trump voters, however, do not believe he uses the social network a lot. Only 37 percent Trump voters believe he posts on Twitter "too much," while 42 percent Republican voters believe the same.

Politico notes that people's negative thoughts about Trump are more intense. While 23 percent people call Trump's Twitter practices a "good thing," 49 percent people believe it is a "bad thing."

Trump's Twitter practices find more critics among Democrats and independents. The poll finds 48 percent independents and 75 percent Democrats who think Donald Trump tweets a lot.

On a different note, when asked what they think of Barack Obama as the president, 52 percent people approved of it. On Trump, 55 percent people believe he will fulfill the promises he has made during the campaign. The poll results also reveal 42 percent people believe Trump is going to impose a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

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