Artificially Intelligent Jarvis: Zuckerberg’s Paternity Inflicted Goal for 2016

The 'Face' behind the 'Book', Mark Zuckerberg, is well deserved to set challenging personal goals for himself during the first hours of January. He is also familiar for nailing down the predefined target through out the year, each time.

One of the most successful young entrepreneurs in history is determined to build a simple AI (Artificial Intelligence) to run home and help him working. Tony Shark's futuristic life, featured in 'Iron Man' or more specifically Jarvis, the digital butler, who controlled Stark's life and home, has been reported to be the aspiratory factor, according to Business Insider.

Every year, the social media innovator takes on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside the work at Facebook. A glimpse of Zuckerberg's goal definition and successive achievements may be followed.

In 2015, he has vowed to read a book every other week and has done it. In 2014, he has challenged himself to write one thank-you note every day and again he has achieved his goal.

In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg has sworn to enlarge his real-life social network by meeting someone new every day, in person. Being a self proclaimed awkward dude, this has appeared as most challenging but he again has succeeded in reaching goal. In 2010, he has blown everyone away by casually learning Mandarin, according to a report published in Inc.

He has planned to use existing AI technology and teach it to control everything from the music to the temperature of his home. Centering the birth of first baby daughter in November, the pioneer social media boss has also decided to incorporate a few security features in his own Jarvis, reports CNN Money.

The new Jarvis will be taught to let doorbell ringing friends in by looking at their faces. The digital butler will be taught to check new borne, Max's room in absence of the owner.

The Facebook boss has experience in building AI machines such as the auto-response help chat on Messenger. But rather than work with a team of engineers he employs, Zuckerberg plans to code his personal assistant on his own.

Zuckerberg's New Year planning has not appeared in public as an announcement. Instead, he has narrated his plans, explained the itinerary of the dreamt artificially intelligent Jarvis through a news feed posted in the facebook on January 1.

Mark Zuckervich, the most successful young entrepreneurs in the history, has revealed his goal of 2016 for building a artificially intelligent robot to assist in household works. Instead of revealing the goal through an illustrious party, it has been narrated in a Facebook news feed through own words. Though he shambles to be led by paternal snobbery, every paragraph or sentence or word reflects the strength of his desire that turns his dreams into reality.


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