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The next generation of Google Glass is the real deal

Dec 29, 2015 04:56 AM EST


Google Inc. is expected to announce a new version of Google Glass, a head mounted wearable display, within weeks. A filing to the U.S. Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) has revealed leaked images of the wearable technology.

The FCC's filing documents unveiled photos of the device's external design, along with internal circuitry and a basic user manual, according to CNet. The filing also includes a statement from the company to authorize a third party to help get Google through the FCC's authorization process.

According to Daily Mail, the new version of Google Glass filing was initially submitted to the FCC at the start of June and was made available on July. Personal electronic devices like phones and wearables need to receive the FCC Declaration of Conformity, or FCC label, before they can be sold and manufactured in the U.S.

The second version of Google Glass will be aimed at workplace, according to 9 to 5 Google. The device, dubbed "Enterprise Edition", will be  used as a business tool rather than as product of everyday buyers. It will be aimed at such enterprise like healthcare, manufacturing, and energy industries.

The new Google Glass' design is similar to the previous Google Glass: Explorer Edition, with some additional features. The new generation of Google Glass will be foldable, waterproof and more durable.

Google has fitted the device with a larger prism, as some users of previous Google Glass complained of eye strain after prolonged use. The extended prism will allow the wearers to glance upwards and focus on the screen more comfortably than before. The power button has been moved to the back of the device and the front light comes on when the camera is being used.

The device has an improved internal hardware including Intel Atom processor. It has a new look built around a button and hinge system made for working environment. The wearable also has an improved wireless connectivity including the addition of a 5 GHz Wifi band for video streaming application.

The device will sport new chip for an improved performance. Google has also packed the device with an external battery that attaches to the device magnetically. The new battery pack reportedly boosts the battery life to two hours.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is planned to be only distributed through the Glass for Work startups selected by Google. The partners will likely be loading their software onto the Google Glass Enterprise Edition even before the device is distributed. Google has not yet confirmed to formally announce the new device.

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