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Google's new feature allows users to login without password

By Staff Writer

Google confirmed that its now experimenting a password-free login method. The new feature will allow the users to sign into their Google account without having to type in a password. Instead, they need to authenticate the login by responding to a notification sent to their smartphone.

According to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that a new experiment now underway. The company's spokesperson noted that Google has invited a small group of users to help test a new way to sign into their Google accounts, and no password required.

As reported on Android Police, a Reddit user named Rohit Paul was invited by Google to test its new sign in method.

According to the email Google sent to Rohit, the password-free feature works by first setting it up on the compatible smartphone. It is still not clear which smartphones are compatible with the feature, but the password-free login worked on Rohit's Nexus 6P.

After the set up completed, when the users try to login to their Google accounts on any other computer or device, they just need to input the email address. A notification will show up on the phone to confirm the login. Once the phone confirmation approved, the users automatically logged in to their Google account on other devices.

The users can still use passwords to login if they want, for example when the phone's battery runs out. When the users lose their phones, they need to protect their accounts by signing in on another device and remove account access from the lost device.

The users can also change the connected phones or turn off the password-free feature by setting up their Google accounts.

Although with the password-free feature turned on, the users will still need their password when the phone is not around, or when Google can't reach the phone to send the login confirmation. Google may also ask the users to enter the password when it notices something suspicious about the signing in.

The password-free sign in feature works on both iOS and Android at present. However, Google did not confirm when it plans on expanding the feature to public.

Google has been trying to eliminate the traditional password, which it believes is poor in securing user accounts. According to Information Week, Google's study revealed that even users' security questions are not secure enough to be used for account recovery.

Earlier this year, Google launched a Chrome extension called Password Alert to improve security. The feature alerts the users when they enter a Google account password anywhere other than a Google login page. Google also allows users to access their accounts through two-factor authentication to improve their account security.

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