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Apple Opens an Advanced Display Screen Development Center Secretly in Taiwan

By Staff Writer

The new display development technologies have been set up by Apple in Northern Taiwan secretly. It is believed that the engineers are working to come up with better and progressive screens for various Apple devices.

The Apple spokesperson in Cupertino, Kristin Huguet refused to comment on the same. People believe that 50 engineers are working in Longtan in the Apple building, creating new display screen for devices. As the news is not yet out in public, Apple officials are keeping it under the wraps.

According to the Bloomberg news, Apple began operating the lab this year as it aims to make products thinner, lighter, brighter and more energy-efficient. Engineers are developing more advanced versions of the liquid-crystal displays currently used in iPhones, iPads and Mac personal computers, the people said. Apple also is keen to move to organic light-emitting diodes, which are even thinner and don't require a backlight, they said.

It is reported that Apple's recruitment for the lab is from Qualcomm Inc. and AU Optronics Corp., who are the rival local display screen makers. As per the 9to5Mac report, Apple is consistently trying to develop its own screen technology in order to minimize the company's dependency on Sharp, Samsung, or Japan Display. Apple conducts numerous research for its devices in-house and outsources the primary manufacturing processes to various companies.

To develop advanced components and manufacturing technologies, the engineers and scientists are appointed globally by the iPhone maker. The LinkedIn Corporate website of Apple reveals that the company is continuously searching for engineers to work at its display panel facilities.

The Longtan Science Park, amid the plot for biotechnology factory and a forest, do not indicate any sign of a structure belonging to the most important company globally. According to the Live Mint report, a short driveway, a half-dozen steps and sliding glass doors lead to a counter and a receptionist in front of an Apple logo on the wall. That sign and an iMac displaying Apple's standard visitor registration screen are the only visible indicators Apple resides here.

The economics ministry records show that the Taiwan registration was amended by Apple in the month of October. It has been changed to the Longtan address, the Taiwan Apple LLC headquarters in Downtown Taipei. Recently, on Monday, few employees wearing Apple ID badges were seen around the property for a smoking break but they refused to comment on the building and their kind of work.

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