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Apple Maps now used three times as much as Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

By Staff Writer

Apple Maps is getting five billion requests each week, which means it is being used three times as much as Google Maps on iPads and iPhones.

Venture Beat reported that Apple has made significant enhancement to its map app since it was launched in 2012 to replace Google Maps on its iOS device. It is now becoming increasingly more popular after it received negative reactions during introduction. The app had so many errors before Apple executive Scott Forstall resigned.

9 to 5 Mac wrote that Google Maps still leads in the entire online map market with twice as much user than Apple Maps in October 2015. This is because Google Maps can be used for both iOS and Android. Meanwhile, the major reason for the increasing popularity of Apple Maps is its integration to third-party apps, like Yelp and Starbucks app for navigation and directions.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple Maps garnered criticism for map-related inaccuracies, errors when locating places, no inadequate transit information, and difficult to understand 3D imagery. Since Apple Maps was launched together with the iOS6, a lot of people refused to upgrade to that platform. However, when Google launched its own Apple platform Maps app, iOS adoption rose 29 percent.

After three year, Apple Maps is now widely used for the iPhone and iPad devices. Now, Apple gets its data from 3,000 different sources that give them vital information such as traffic, and building listings. Apple is also sending teams to map out streets, signs, and subway entrances.

That provides more precise walking directions. The giant tech company, just like Google, is also sending out sensor vehicles to map out roads. One of the reasons why Apple Maps isn't getting as much traction, however, is that most of its users aren't that tech-savvy and just wants to use the basic apps in the device.

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