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Surface Book to replace the laptop and the tablets

By Staff Writer

Microsoft's first laptop, Surface Book, is a tablet that is connected to a keyboard. Basically, it is a laptop first, that can work as a tablet.

According to IGN, it may not replace Android tablets and iPad, but it is definitely great for professionals and those who want to experience extra features in their laptops. The new Surface Book starts at $1,499, but with additional configurations, it can cost up to $3,199.

Microsoft claims that this new device has graphics three times better than Apple's 13-inch Macbook Pro. Considering its price, Surface Book has more power compared to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but it has lesser power than Apple's 15-inch Macbook Pro. The most obvious advantage is, neither MacBooks can work as a tablet.

The Surface Book is a good device for people who need its tablet features. It is also a good idea for people who can spend a little extra for a wonderfully built laptop. Otherwise, there are other laptops they can spend their money at.

In a report by Digitimes, Microsoft's Surface Book may see weaker-than-expected shipments in this year's fourth quarter due to shortage of Intel Skylake processor. Some of the orders will be postponed to the first quarter of next year. Monthly shipments of the device might surpass 100,000 in the first quarter next year.

Meanwhile, ZDNet reported that Microsoft's flagship Surface Book and Surface Pro are facing some problems. The major problem is the draining of battery when the devices are in sleep mode.    Microsoft already knows about the issue and is now working to address it.

Back to Surface Book's features, according to IGN, it looks like a device that came straight out of a sci-fi movie. Everything about the device gives a feel of excellence and quality. Its Windows 10 OS makes it run quick. It is not very ideal for gaming though, because it compromises the resolution.

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