Microsoft Sends Heartwarming Christmas Mesage to Apple

Microsoft launched a heartwarming advertising in this Christmas season. A Christmas message of peace was sung by Microsoft employee to Apple.

In this year Christmas advertising, Microsoft tries to make peace with Apple. The ad depicted that Microsoft employees wanted to "deliver a special message to some old friends." So they walk down the road from Microsoft store in Fifth Avenue New York to Apple store a couple of blocks from there.

Upon arrival, along with local children choir Microsoft employees sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" in front of the Apple store.The ad ended with a heartfelt message of peace and harmony.

However, Wired does not see the ad as genuine because exploiting a sincere sentiment for commercial purposes seems a little crass. Even so, Wired also acknowledged that "The feel-good ad may be a departure from Microsoft's antagonistic holiday spots of years past."

Microsoft under Satya Nadella has undergone a transformation from an antagonistic and combative corporate image into a new one: a collaborative company that embraces a cross-platform development. Microsoft has built Arrow launcher for Android last October and also porting its best-sellers Microsoft Office into iOS.

The song that was sung by Microsoft employees in front of Apple Store was originally written in 1955 for an International Children's Choir in Long Beach, California. The simple lyric, "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me" has sent a powerful Christmas message of peace and hope for decades. In order to end a battle that last for more than three decades between Microsoft and Apple, the song is a good choice.

Advertising Age even call the ad as a Christmas truce of 2015. Microsot make an ammend after its combative last year's advertising that comparing its Surface pro 3 to Apple's Mac Book Air. This year Microsoft is calling for peace with Apple in a more brand-oriented ad for the holidays. The advertising was created by Microsoft agency McCann M:United.

The entire two minutes duration of ad will run online, while 60-second version of the spot will air on TV. The ad wil also be promoted in social media starting Tuesday, although it will not be a significant promotion. According to Kathleen Hall, corporate VP-global advertising at Microsoft, "We're not doing too much to push, just enough to get it out there."

With the ad, according to CNET, Microsoft has cheekily turned the other cheek and offered a poignantly appropriate message for the world.

Toward the end of the ad, employees from both Microsoft and Apple are hugging each other and a message of spread harmony was delivered. Let there be peace on earth.

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