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The Unapologetic Magic Mouse 2 – The Sad Reality of the Apple Design

By Staff Writer

Apple users have surely fallen in love with the look of its new peripherals. The magic keyboard is a pure industrial beauty with an element of fun typing feature.

However, even if the magic mouse 2 is quite similar to its predecessors, it is rechargeable. The latest version of magic mouse is an unapologetic Apple design that comes up with both blessings and curse.

According to the avid Apple users, whenever their computers asked them to connect a mouse, it becomes a nightmare if their mouse is dead by then. You might think what can be the issue if the mouse is rechargeable.

According to the Gizmodo blog, you should remember that the lightning port is placed underneath the mouse and therefore, you cannot use the mouse and recharge it at the same time.

Several users reported the issue to the Apple authorities. In return, Apple always claimed that the magic mouse could recharge itself with a full day's charge just within a couple of minutes.

But, the fact is, this time; Apple's promise is not true at all. Apple users felt disheartened now for investing in magic mouse 2.

As per The Verge report, Apple asks Magic Mouse 2 users, to flip the device on its back like a beetle with its legs in the air and plug in the cable. Naturally, one cannot use the mouse in such a way. In fact, it seems a weird choice considering wired mice have had cables running from their front points for decades.

Even if users are giving the so-called two-minutes charge throughout the day, the mouse is just dying again and again.The necessity to provide constant charge to your magic mouse 2 might allow you to take a break for a while. But, certainly it won't seem good for the productivity of your work.

According to the Tech Insider news, this year, we have seen some of the most questionable Apple design choices in recent memory. Undoubtedly, magic mouse 2 is one of those unapologetic designs.

Apple TV, latest Macbook, iPhone, iPad all represents the uniqueness of Apple design. When it comes to new Apple accessories range launched in 2015, the scenario is completely different.

Along with the bizarre magic mouse 2, the latest Apple pencil and smart Apple keyboard for iPad Pro got poor reviews. As well as the recent smart battery case of iPhone 6S received a wave of criticisms from users.

Surprisingly, Logitech made a quite better keyboard for iPad pro rather than the maker of iPad Pro itself. Apple lovers are still unable to believe that these faulty accessories can be done by Apple think tanks.

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