Giant social media companies step up their fight against online Islamic militants in secrecy

Social media giants are now strengthening their efforts to battle against propaganda and recruitment done by Islamic militants online, but they are subtle with their procedures.

According to Reuters, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have taken down the profiles of known and suspected users who are doing "online terrorism incitement and hate speech." However, these companies are carrying out these methods quietly to avoid giving the people the wrong idea that they are used as tools by the authorities. They also don't want other countries to demand the same support from them and they want to avoid counter attacks from internet savvy militants.

Facebook took down the profiles of San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik, who killed 14 people.

The Washington Post reported that the attacks in San Bernardino, California is being investigated by the FBI as an "act of terrorism." The Pakistani woman who carried out the attacks partnered with her husband after allegedly pledging allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State.

In  report by The Sydney Morning Herald, IS defector Abu Abdullah said media personnels under the terrorist group are given more importance than soldiers because they carry out extensive propaganda. Their income is higher too because they have the power to influence people. According to the article, the attacks carried out in Paris were done by floating IS followers who are scattered from various countries and are only connected to the group online.

French prime minister and European Commission officials had a meeting with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to demand faster action against terrorism related activities online. These online giants have straightforward policies. They ban content that are not in line with their terms and service.

They require court orders to take down or block anything not in accordance to their rules. Anyone, from the government to private individuals, can report or flag content for removal. The three giant online companies treat government complaints the same as any other citizen complaints. 

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