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WhatsApp is blocking the links of competitor messenger Telegram for Android users

By Staff Writer

Just a couple of days back, android users who possess both WhatsApp and Telegram messenger experienced something strange. While using those apps, they observed that WhatsApp is blocking any links that is related to Telegram, a rival messenger of WhatsApp.

Telegram is a tough competitor for WhatsApp that recently grew popular. As per the Verge report, the URLs still appeared as messages, but they did not register as hyperlinks and Android users were blocked from copying them to paste into another app - effectively treating them like malware or spam.

Even if the strange blocking link behavior is not shown on each and every device, it remains consistent until now. WhatsApp is blocking both links and usernames to chat rooms or even individual messages. Telegram confirmed the activity to media. Android users who have recently updated WhatsApp app to version 2.12.367 are mainly experiencing this issue.

Even if both Whatsapp and Telegram almost offer similar services, Telegram claims to provide more secure service. According to the Mashable news, though not nearly as big as WhatsApp, Telegram has a large user base and previously attracted millions of users when WhatsApp experienced a major service outage. Not only that, another reason behind the popularity of the Telegram is that it offers public channels too.

However, iOs users are not facing this issue. On this note, Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram stated that 80% of Telegram users belong to android platform. Obviously, it is a possible explanation why Whatsapp is blocking links associated to Telegram for Android users only.

Interestingly, the thorough testing revealed that the blocking system of Whatsapp also includes This URL is nowhere related to the rival chat app Telegram and rather owned by a newspaper agency of Worcester, Massachusetts.

In fact, as per the Tech Firstpost report, Facebook has even blocked the official Facebook page of Telegram and until now the largest social network has not given out any explanation for its weird actions. One Reddit user actually figured out that WhatsApp is blocking any URL with the word "telegram.The user also found a coding line in the Android application package (APK) of Whatsapp that explains everything.

The link blocking system is becoming a common tool or weapon for Facebook. The social network has already drawn enough criticisms for their controversial blocking behavior. Now, Whatsapp is joining the same league by following the link-blocking system of FB.

However, Telegram authorities are not bothered about this news at all. The spokesperson of Whatsapp competitor commented that this is nothing new for them and Whatsapp will soon blame their system for the issue just like FB did in the past. Whatsapp still remained unavailable for any comment on the link-blocking behavior involving Telegram, the rival chat app.

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