Mark Zuckerberg Allocates $20 Million For Speeding Up Internet In Schools

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and Founder of Facebook announced that he will be donating $20 million to Education Super Highway which is a non-profit organization and helps public schools find affordable and speedy internet connections for their students.

Zuckerberg said, "Every classroom should have fast internet access. Most schools in the United States are connected, but less than half have high-speed internet." as reported by CNN Money.

He also explained that the students will be able to use various types of software to learn through tailored schooling system. Zuckerberg and his wife have been spending a lot of time and money on this idea of 'Personalized learning' from the past few years.

The couple already supports Summit Public School and AltSchool, small groups of private schools that focus on mid-aged learning. His wife, Priscilla is also expected to start a new private and nonprofit K-12 school in East Palo Alto called 'The Primary School'.

Zuckerberg has also signed Warren Buffet's Giving Pledge, which makes efforts for convincing America's affluent people for donating at least half of their wealth to charities during their life or after their death.

Jen Holleran, The executive director of startup education said, "Mark and Priscilla believe that equipping K-12 classrooms with internet connections is essential for students to thrive in the knowledge economy," according to NewYork Times.

She further explained, "Fast, reliable broadband is the foundational infrastructure that is needed to bring personalized and digital learning to every child and teacher in America."

This effort from the couple has came in a time when government officials, school superintendents, and technology companies executives are making efforts to increase use of laptop and learning apps in students believing that such activities can enhance their grades, test scores, graduation rates and ultimately college and career prospects.

Zuckerberg also publicly channeled around $100 million for improvement of schools in the New Jersey city of Newark for enhancing the public education that got failing grades around 5 years ago, according to Times Of India.

Last year in June, Zuckerberg and Priscilla announced $120 million for San Fransico Bay Area Schools. "Improving public education in our country and our community is something Priscilla and I really care about," Zuckerberg said.

Education Super Highway, the group that will be receiving this $20 million gift from the couple was founded by Evan Marwell. Evan is a startup entrepreneur who works on the aim to help schools with slow internet connections get the same high-speed broadband connections that some students previously have at their houses.

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