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Best City Attactions and Restaurants in the Spanish Capital, Madrid

Nov 17, 2015 07:51 AM EST


The Spanish city capital, Madrid is packed with great places for sightseeing attractions and best restaurants to dine. Alive as no other city can be compared, Madrid attracts many tourists with its full spirited city vibes.

According to the Lonely Planet, the city of Madrid in Spain is known as the largest and for its elegant contemporary architectural buildings, medieval arts and mansions as well as royal palaces. It is described as the artistic city and the culinary capital of Spain.

As a constitutional monarchy country, Madrid City is also the home to royal palaces, particularly known as the Palacio Real. These royal palaces are one of the top main tourists' attractions in Spain. Palacio Real is not the King of Spain's official residence, however, important events such as official banquets, state ceremonies and other important state events do take place here. The Zarzuela Palace is the current Spanish royal King's residence.

The royal palace is built around the ninth century and its charms still captures tourists with its spanish marble, stucco, mahogany doors and windows and important art works pieces, particularly frescoes by leading artists of the moment as Giaquinto, Tiepolo and Mengs and his Spanish followers Bayeu and Maella, according to Go Madrid.

Other great attractions to see in Madrid, the Puerta Del Sol, it is the Spanish capital's central and best known square, the Plaza Mayor with its remarkable enclose square, fit for people who wants to sit and watch around. The known authentic Egyptian temple build in the second century at the core of Madrid is also every tourists must see.

The city's known largest cathedral is named the Madrid Cathedral, the Plaza de la Villa, the historic square in the city, Puerta De Alcala, the iconic old gate city, Gran Via, Madrid's most famous and most central street, the most famous Madid city's squares, the Plaza de Cibeles and the Plaza de Oriente, seen at the front of the Spanish royal palace.

As a culinary capital not only in Spain but in the Europe, Madrid had been luring many tourists because of its best homegrown cuisines on spectacular Spanish restaurants for dine. Best known restaurants in the city that provides mouthwatering cuisines and has perfect ambiance for every mood, the Elite Traveler wrote, the La Terraza with its seaweed lollipops, for Spanish classic cusines, best to dine at Duke's Library and the Biblioteca restaurant which serves modern Spanish menu and great wines from its 200 cellar wines collections.  

As well as the Pan de Lujo also known for its luxury bread and its bread factory foundations and bold flavors are embodied by Chef Alberto Chicote's signature rice pudding sandwich.

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