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Top Tips for Travelers During an Act of Terrorism: How to survive a terror attack

Nov 17, 2015 04:17 AM EST

A lot of reports are now focused on the countries affected by terrorist attacks, especially that of Paris and other parts of Europe as well as Lebanon. However, by getting oriented of a few tips on what to do if travelers are unfortunately caught up in a terror attack, they can greatly improve their  chances of survival.

There are a few actions that can be taken before a terrorist incident to prepare the traveler as well as  their families. This may include informing themselves of the risks that might take when having a trip and planning for how they may respond during a terrorist attack.  

According to Forbes, prior to the travel, they should also check for government agencies. The U.S. Department of State often offers the updated warnings and advisories for safe travels. If there's a warning, pay attention to it. If not, and the travelers are comfortable to pursue the trip, keep planning and go on to the next step.

But if one is caught up in a terrorist attack, it is significant that they keep calm and follow instructions from local officials as well as emergency service personnels. They should also be inclined with their surroundings and watch out for any other attacks. They should also contact their other family members for any information and other helpful instructions. But if they are in the position where the attack occurs nearby, they should check for injuries, as claimed by Gear Up Get Ready.

World Nomads also mentioned that if there's a bomb blast near the travelers, they should immediately leave the site as soon as possible. They should not directly run away since some authorities may be watching out for any signs of panic during the attacks, and they may suspect other people as the bombers. They should also follow all instructions and orders that are given by local authorities. Tourists are also free to write down what they saw before and after the blast it may help the authorities in their investigation.

Meanwhile, during an act of terrorism, it is important to remember that the situation  can be extremely stressful for everyone. Travelers can also opt to call home and their country's Consulate or Embassy let them know where they are and if they need any assistance to get out of the involved country. But if tourists are in a hurry for assistance during the terrorist attack, they may easily call the emergency assistance hotlines should for any immediate attention.

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