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No Charge Data Usage on T-Mobile Video Streaming

By Staff Writer

T-Mobile US Inc said on Tuesday, it will provide customers with a new option to stream videos from several services including Netflix on their mobile devices without consuming bandwidth from their data plans. 

Planning to pull in more clients to its network, Chief Executive John Legere announced the wireless providers' new video streaming arrangement, "Binge On" at an event in Los Angeles. The plan will be rolled out somewhere in the current month, Executive said. 

"Watch what you want without watching your data", said John, as reported by Reuters.

Binge On will be accessible for clients on high-level plans that offer 3GB and up, Executives said. The videos will be delivered in DVD quality, they added.

T-Mobile already allows unlimited music streaming through Spotify, Apple music, and several other famous apps, covering around 95% of the industry and over 200 million songs per day, the company claimed.

On Tuesday, the company also multiplied data caps on its plans to 2GB, 6GB and 10GB without evolving costs. The break on tethering, or utilizing a smartphone as a hotspot, was doubled to 14GBs. Four lines with boundless calling, messaging and data usage costs $180 per month on T-Mobile, according to Seattle Times.

Still T-Mobile's move is astonishing because U.S careers have based their business on demand for wireless data mobile video usage has been surging. While it could relinquish potential data revenue, T-Mobile said the shift would help a rise in net income by pulling in more subscribers to its service. Shares of T-Mobile fell almost 4% on Tuesday.

"Investors will be scared because it looks like T-Mobile will be lighting a torch into a competitive wireless environment", T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in an event in LA."All I can say is we are not that stupid", according to The Wall Street Journal.

T-Mobile surpassed sprint to become the nation's third-largest wireless carrier prior this year.

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