How to survive the market apocalypse and other insights to stock market investing

Forbes contributor, Peter Pham, shared some of the most valuable and remarkable ideas and insights into 21st-century investing, along with a startling prediction of the inevitable collapse of the monetary system.

Pham's post summarizes the contents of his book The Big Trade: Simple Strategies for Maximum Market Returns, which is in itself a treasure trove of lessons shared by Pham's guests and acquaintances through years of immersing themselves in the business world.

While many of the ideas in his book are applicable in this day and age, some are highly flexible and all-encompassing that application in future generations will still yield eye-popping results. This is due to the fact that while markets and economies constantly undergo rapid changes and fluxes, there are elements that never change.

The Forbes post, which was published Monday, offers a great deal of knowledge, from ideas on how to raise business capital, to making sure your company can be "run by monkeys."

One of the insights shared in the post would be a prediction of the fall of paper currencies in favor of the use of precious metals or real estate in the trading arena. Pham states that this inevitable change will not only affect the US currency but the monetary system of the entire world.

Echoing Pham's belief of a monetary collapse, author and financial expert James Rickard published a book last year with the title "Death of Money", pointing out that China is well aware of the inevitable crisis and is "buying gold as fast as they can."

The release of Rickards book was reported by Reuters last year, and since then has attracted a lot of attention from other financial experts and economists due to the book's apocalyptic name and predictions.

In a follow-up article released by Daily Reckoning last March, Rickards goes on to advocate his beliefs in the hope of preparing the people of what lies ahead. He mentions how the trigger could be anything or a combination of several factors and elements that are perhaps too deeply-rooted and commonplace to detect or change.

Both Rickards and Pham do share a common goal with their books, which is to increase the awareness of the people and help them weather through, and even strive, in whatever economic state the world will be thrown into.  

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